I’ve been using the Avalon King Armor Shield IX Ceramic Coating on my cars for over a year now, and I’m still just as impressed as day 1. If you are still using wax to protect your paint, I’m about to change your life. The Armor Shield IX goes on easier than wax, comes off FAR easier, and best of all it lasts years instead of only a few months. The paint protection is superior to traditional waxes, and it looks just as brilliant.

You can buy the Avalon King Armor Shield IX here
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Avalon King Armor Shield IV
Avalon King Armor Shield IV Ceramic Coating Kit

After experimenting with what is the best method to apply the Armor Shield IX ceramic coating, I’ve come up with this:

Step 1: Wash your car as you normally would – 2 bucket method is preferred.
Step 2: Rinse the car very well but do not dry
Step 3: Clay bar the paint
Step 4: Rinse the car again
Step 5: Dry the car as best as you can – use air if possible
Step 6: Using a DA polisher, perform a paint correction (polish) using a light polish and soft applicator
Step 7: Clean the paint using a prep solution or rubbing alcohol
Step 8: Ceramic coat the paint using the Armor Shield IV
Step 9: For the best results, let the Armor Shield IV cure for a few days before letting the car get wet.

If you follow these steps, you will have a damn good looking paint job that’s protected for a few years. Best of all, it’s MUCH easier to wash the car with a ceramic coating, and it even repels dirt so it won’t get as dirty in the first place.

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