FIXING a SUPER COMMON Ferrari F430 & 360 Problem – DIY Engine Mount Replacement

The engine mounts in the Ferrari F430 and 360 are known to degrade and collapse after about 10 years. Unfortunately the rubber rots, and then compresses and the mounts become worthless. The engine will move around a lot and cause poor shifting and make the car feel looser.

Luckily, replacing the mounts is fairly easy and can be done at home in only a few hours of work. You will need to have access to a lift or jack so you can remove the bottom tray. It’s also a good idea to have an air impact or very strong electric impact gun available. The center bolts are 24mm sockets, and the smaller bolts are 17mm. The center are torqued down to 98nm or 72ft-lbs and the smaller bolts are 50nm or 37ft-lbs.

Stu, Jeff and I DIY replace the engine mounts on Stu’s 360. Watch and enjoy our banter and shenanigans while learning and screwing up as usual.