Here’s some links to helpful stuff that I use or that have been featured on my videos.

Full disclosure – if you use the links below, I may get a referral so I do appreciate it when you do this. It should come at no additional cost to you!

Battery Tender/Charger

The CTek is the actual charger that Ferrari uses, they just slap the horse on it and charge twice as much (or more!). You’ll need the adapter if you want to use the factory plug on the modern Ferraris.

Walkie Talkie

I’ve been using the Beofeng UV-5R for a lot of road trips and rallies. It’s a pain in the butt to learn to program, but it seems to work really well.

LED Lights for your Garage

I’ve bought these for Josh’s shop and a similar version for my garage at home. They are really easy to install, VERY bright, and seem pretty durable. Best of all they are chain-able so you can wire them up super fast.

Exhaust Fan for Garage

I installed this exhaust fan in my garage to help vent the heat in the summer. It’s pretty powerful and very quiet.

Cell Phone Holder

I’ve shown a few different cell phone holders in my videos over the years, but these are my favorites.

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