Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Exhaust System Porsche 996 Turbo 01-05


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The Porsche 996 Turbo, with its 3.6L bi-turbo engine, is the first water cooled Street-Turbo in the history of Porsche. With 420 HP and 580 Nm torque, this car offers a really good driving performance. The Akrapovic aftermarket titanium exhaust system with new manifolds, a 400 or 100 cpsi hi-flow metal catalysts and an optimized exhaust flow inside the muffler, achieved an additional increase of power of 17.2 HP (400 cpsi) or 19.6 hp (100 cpsi) and an increase of torque of 30.8 Nm (400 cpsi) or 36.2 Nm (100 cpsi).

The high-strength and light-weight titanium that was used for building the exhaust system reduces the weight of the rear end of the car by 18.6 kg. This also improves the handling and agility of the car. Because of reducing the backpressure of the engine, the turbo now has a much better throttle response than before and the gas load is also improved. It was also important to improve the sound. Efforts resulted in a much sonorous and aggressive sound, which gives the turbo a sporty note.


  • Titanium header set
  • Titanium link pipes with integrated 400 or 100 cpsi catalysts
  • Titanium end muffler
  • Titanium tail pipes

Hard facts (100 cpsi cat version):

  • Plus 19.6 HP (at 6,310 rpm)
  • Plus 36.2 Nm (at 2,960 rpm)
  • Minus 18.6 kg

Hard facts (400 cpsi cat version):

  • Plus 17.2 HP (at 6,320 rpm)
  • Plus 30.8 Nm (at 3,200 rpm)
  • Minus 18.6 kg

Other Part Numbers:
Akrapovic #akrS-PO996TE

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The Story Behind Akrapovic

In short, Akrapovic is a Slovenian manufacturer of exhaust systems. Founded in 1990 by Igor Akrapovic, the brand was originally born to fill a need for high-quality exhausts. It started out in the motorcycle market and then expanded into automobile systems in 2010. Igor’s knowledge of exhaust systems and motorcycles came from his own personal experiences when he drove and raced for a decade at both national and international levels. During his racing career, Igor Akrapovic came to the realization that there was a lack of quality exhausts available to the consumer market. The systems that did exist were unsatisfactory in terms of technology and manufactured from heavy steel. The good ones, of course, cost too much for the average customer and so the story goes.

Akrapovic took it upon itself to simply start making its own exhausts. In order to offer the best product possible, the company replaced the heavy steel used by other brands with lighter materials like titanium and carbon fiber. What began as a team of just six people is now a prominent company with more than 500 employees and a world-recognized name. Akrapovic’s vision was clear from day one and the brand is still dedicated to manufacturing only the best high-quality exhaust systems to the public and racing teams.

What Makes Akrapovic so Exceptional?

Akrapovic is the number one manufacturer of all things exhaust from headers and clamps to complete systems. Whether you are looking for an exhaust system for your motorcycle, daily cruiser, or race car, Akrapovic has an exceptionally lightweight and high-tech offering for that application. Akrapovic continues to take home the best brand awards and they boast a number of MotoGP and Motocross wins to boot.

Akrapovic’s exhaust components boast quality materials, innovative design, pure power, unique sound, high technology. They are race-proven and backed by extensive research, development, and testing. All of its products are engineered with racing pedigree in mind and are, therefore, able to withstand immense mechanical and environmental strain. Not only do its exhaust systems play the part well, but they also sound beyond incredible thanks to the brand’s combined acoustic experience.



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