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Let’s be honest, you want DIY content of working on Ferraris or other cool cars, and that’s really really expensive.  At this point, I’m not making any money on YouTube.  It’s not even covering all of my expenses, so spending money on projects is all at my expense or my sponsors expense, but mostly mine!

I want to continue to grow this channel, and do bigger and better projects, but to accomplish these goals, I need YOUR HELP.

I figure there’s a few ways to really make an impact.

  1. Watch my videos.
  2. Subscribe to my channel, and hit the notification bell.
  3. Click on my videos every time YouTube suggests them, even if you just mute the video and let it play in the background.  YouTube has changed their algorithm to put much more weight into CTR (Click Through Rate).
  4. Share my videos / channel with other people that would be interested, talk about it with friends, etc…
  5. Give me the thumbs up on the videos.
  6. Comment and create dialogue on the videos, feel free to make suggestions.
  7. Finally, if you can, consider donating towards the DIY Projects.

With respect to item 7 in that list – I looked into things like Patreon and they take a HUGE cut of the money and I think that’s a waste.  If you’re willing to send some of your hard earned money towards DIY Project videos, I want every cent possible going towards that goal, not towards some other company.

So here’s my promise to you – All of the money contributed by “purchasing” support from this page goes towards DIY Project costs ONLY.  I will not be using that money for anything other than buying parts or tools or whatever it is to make cool DIY Project videos.

I’m even going to be extremely transparent on how much money is raised since it’s YOUR money.

Thanks for helping me out, and with your help, I hope to continue to make awesome DIY videos for you to enjoy!



James Smith – Full Octane Garage
David Copeland
Todd Laury
Adham Jaber
Andrew Threatt


Scott Faunce
Jim Cear
John Stewart
Ted Behrle
Brandon Lee
Paul Gentile
Joe Trentmann
William Bow
Andrew Gray


Charles Duckworth


Fred Daniali

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