Fabspeed Ferrari F430 Polished Slip-on Tip Covers


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Polished stainless steel tip covers slide over the factory exhaust tips for an updated sportier look.
  • Fits all F430 Berlinettas/Coupes & Spiders worldwide from 2005-2009
  • Not for Scuderia and 16M
  • T304 mirror polished stainless steel slip-on tip covers that INGENIUOSLY cover over the factory/OEM Ferrari tips.

  • Fabspeed designs slip-on tips to cover the “ugly-rusty/shot blaster- brushed stainless” look of the factory tips.

  • Angle cut and the best looking part for your car.

  • A true do it yourself installation and easy to remove at any time. A set screw is located underneath the tip.

  • Outer diameter of these Slip-On Tips is 3.5″

  • Very cool exotic look for your Ferrari F430.

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 18 × 12 in
HP (whp)

TQ (ft/lbs)

WT (lbs)

4 reviews for Fabspeed Ferrari F430 Polished Slip-on Tip Covers

  1. Sal

    Awesome, awesome, and awesome… Did I already say that they are awesome? They look great, fit great, good quality product, and at any point in time they can be easily removed to go back to original without any damage etc. to the original exhaust tips. At a glance, you can not tell that they are slip-ons. They actually look like they are part of a complete new exhaust with polished tips. At first, I thought the tips were a little expensive, but in the end I am totally satisfied. I saved money compared to purchasing a new exhaust with polished tips. The exhaust sounds great the way that it is with the aftermarket polished muffler that has already been installed. The tips were the only thing that was missing. The other alternative would have been to cut and weld, and that is a little unsettling to me. Any other tips that may possibly fit would look too much like a cheesy add-on. After all, it is a Ferrari. When you look at the other alternatives to accomplish the look of polished tips, this is a great option. Although, Fabspeed does have excellent exhaust components and complete exhaust systems for my Ferrari that are really attracting my attention. Fabspeed has extremely nice and functional products. Also, the new tips do keep the lower body clean under the exhaust tips as well. Very nice! Thx, Sal.

  2. Cal

    Changed the whole appearance of the back of the car!

  3. Doug Jenkins

    I was always unhappy with the dull, unfinished look of the exhaust tips on my Ferrari 430. After finding out about Fabspeed, I ordered the polished stainless tips for my car. They were simple to install, and gave the rear of the car a much more finished appearance. They are awesome!

  4. Cal

    I have a F430 Spider in the typical Rossa Corsa with the optional CF rear panel. The dull factory exhaust tips looked horrible and always had the carbon vapor build up on the body work. These tips look awesome without altering the stock exhaust system and extended the tips where the exhaust vapors don’t drip on the body anymore.

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