HRE Classic Series 305M Monoblok Wheel


Gloss Black $0.00 Satin Black $0.00 Textured Black $0.00 Satin Silver $0.00 Gloss Silver $0.00 Gloss White $0.00 Stone Clear +$150.00 Frozen Stone Clear +$150.00 Brushed Clear +$500.00 Polished Clear +$625.00 Polished No Clear Coat +$625.00 Frozen Polished Clear +$625.00 Stone Dark Clear +$150.00 Frozen Stone Dark Clear +$150.00 Brushed Dark Clear +$500.00 Polished Dark Clear +$625.00 Frozen Polished Dark Clear +$625.00 Satin Gold $0.00 Gloss Gold $0.00 Stone Gold +$150.00 Frozen Stone Gold +$150.00 Brushed Gold +$500.00 Frozen Gold +$500.00 Polished Gold +$625.00 Frozen Polished Gold +$625.00 Satin Bronze $0.00 Gloss Bronze $0.00 Frozen Stone Bronze +$150.00 Stone Bronze +$150.00 Brushed Bronze +$500.00 Frozen Bronze +$500.00 Polished Bronze +$625.00 Frozen Polished Bronze +$625.00 Stone Copper +$150.00 Frozen Stone Copper +$150.00 Brushed Copper +$500.00 Frozen Copper +$500.00 Polished Copper +$625.00 Frozen Polished Copper +$625.00 Stone Champagne +$150.00 Frozen Stone Champagne +$150.00 Brushed Champagne +$500.00 Frozen Champagne +$500.00 Polished Champagne +$625.00 Frozen Polished Champagne +$625.00 Gloss Red $0.00 Stone Red +$150.00 Frozen Stone Red +$150.00 Brushed Red +$500.00 Frozen Red +$500.00 Polished Red +$625.00 Frozen Polished Red +$625.00 Stone Blue +$150.00 Frozen Stone Blue +$150.00 Brushed Blue +$500.00 Frozen Blue +$500.00 Frozen Polished Blue +$625.00 Stone iLectric Blue +$150.00 Frozen Stone iLectric Blue +$150.00 Brushed iLectric Blue +$500.00 Frozen iLectric Blue +$500.00 Polished Blue +$625.00 Polished iLectric Blue +$625.00 Frozen Polished iLectric Blue +$625.00 Stone Orange +$150.00 Frozen Stone Orange +$150.00 Brushed Orange +$500.00 Frozen Orange +$500.00 Polished Orange +$625.00 Frozen Polished Orange +$625.00 Stone Purple +$150.00 Frozen Stone Purple +$150.00 Brushed Purple +$500.00 Frozen Purple +$500.00 Polished Purple +$625.00 Frozen Polished Purple +$625.00

Requires additional masking process, resulting in Brushed Clear wheel face and Colored Wheel Center.

HRE Standard Center Cap $0.00 HRE Billet Aluminum +$100.00 HRE Carbon Fiber +$150.00

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As a tribute to the era when custom wheels began gaining popularity, these forged 3-piece and Monoblok designs are meant to elicit memories of some of our favorite wheels. Designed to today’s much higher standards for strength and quality and given a modern touch so that they complement sports cars new and old, the Classic Series is truly timeless.


  • Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty
  • Monoblok 1-Piece
  • Offered in both Flat and Conical Profiles
  • Vintage Mesh, Designed for Modern Sports Cars
  • Aerospace-Grade 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum
  • ARP High Strength Stainless-Steel Fasteners
  • Backpad Pocketing is Standard to Minimize Unsprung Mass and Rotational Inertia for Maximum Performance and Handling
  • CNC Machined to Custom Specifications for Your Specific Application
  • OE TPMS and Lug Hardware Compatible for Ease of Installation

1-Piece Monoblok Standard Equipment:

  • Lifetime Structural Warranty – Original Owner
  • 24 Month Finish Warranty – Original Owner
  • HRE Red, White and Blue Logo Center Cap (Black/Silver Available Upon Request)
  • Wheel Finish: Click HERE For Standard HRE Finishes


  • All HRE Wheels Are Special Made To Order. Please Allow For Lead Times Ranging from 5-6 Weeks.


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