HRE P1 Series P107 Monoblok Wheel


Gloss Black $0.00 Satin Black $0.00 Textured Black $0.00 Satin Silver $0.00 Gloss Silver $0.00 Gloss White $0.00 Stone Clear +$150.00 Frozen Stone Clear +$150.00 Brushed Clear +$500.00 Polished Clear +$625.00 Polished No Clear Coat +$625.00 Frozen Polished Clear +$625.00 Stone Dark Clear +$150.00 Frozen Stone Dark Clear +$150.00 Brushed Dark Clear +$500.00 Polished Dark Clear +$625.00 Frozen Polished Dark Clear +$625.00 Satin Gold $0.00 Gloss Gold $0.00 Stone Gold +$150.00 Frozen Stone Gold +$150.00 Brushed Gold +$500.00 Frozen Gold +$500.00 Polished Gold +$625.00 Frozen Polished Gold +$625.00 Satin Bronze $0.00 Gloss Bronze $0.00 Frozen Stone Bronze +$150.00 Stone Bronze +$150.00 Brushed Bronze +$500.00 Frozen Bronze +$500.00 Polished Bronze +$625.00 Frozen Polished Bronze +$625.00 Stone Copper +$150.00 Frozen Stone Copper +$150.00 Brushed Copper +$500.00 Frozen Copper +$500.00 Polished Copper +$625.00 Frozen Polished Copper +$625.00 Stone Champagne +$150.00 Frozen Stone Champagne +$150.00 Brushed Champagne +$500.00 Frozen Champagne +$500.00 Polished Champagne +$625.00 Frozen Polished Champagne +$625.00 Gloss Red $0.00 Stone Red +$150.00 Frozen Stone Red +$150.00 Brushed Red +$500.00 Frozen Red +$500.00 Polished Red +$625.00 Frozen Polished Red +$625.00 Stone Blue +$150.00 Frozen Stone Blue +$150.00 Brushed Blue +$500.00 Frozen Blue +$500.00 Frozen Polished Blue +$625.00 Stone iLectric Blue +$150.00 Frozen Stone iLectric Blue +$150.00 Brushed iLectric Blue +$500.00 Frozen iLectric Blue +$500.00 Polished Blue +$625.00 Polished iLectric Blue +$625.00 Frozen Polished iLectric Blue +$625.00 Stone Orange +$150.00 Frozen Stone Orange +$150.00 Brushed Orange +$500.00 Frozen Orange +$500.00 Polished Orange +$625.00 Frozen Polished Orange +$625.00 Stone Purple +$150.00 Frozen Stone Purple +$150.00 Brushed Purple +$500.00 Frozen Purple +$500.00 Polished Purple +$625.00 Frozen Polished Purple +$625.00

Requires additional masking process, resulting in Brushed Clear wheel face and Colored Wheel Center.

HRE Standard Center Cap $0.00 HRE Billet Aluminum +$100.00 HRE Carbon Fiber +$150.00

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The Series P1 is HREs best-selling series of forged wheels for good reason. In designing the Series P1, we set out to create the ultimate street-performance wheels by combining the purposeful lightweight design of our race wheels with an unmatched level of sophisticated design. Building on the successful 3-piece Series S1, we refined those designs into a lightweight Monoblok platform, resulting in an unparalleled blend of style and performance.

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, HRE Performance Wheels has been focused on creating the ultimate balance of performance and style. HRE decided long ago that to produce the best wheels in the world, they needed to control everything from engineering to manufacturing in-house. At HRE, they use only the highest quality components and hand-craft every wheel to TUV Verified Quality standards. Every HRE wheel is created to provide a lifetime of performance and enjoyment.


  • Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty
  • Monoblok 1-Piece
  • Offered in both Flat and Conical Profiles
  • Aerospace-Grade 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum
  • ARP High Strength Stainless-Steel Fasteners
  • Backpad Pocketing is Standard to Minimize Unsprung Mass and Rotational Inertia for Maximum Performance and Handling
  • CNC Machined to Custom Specifications for Your Specific Application
  • OE TPMS and Lug Hardware Compatible for Ease of Installation

1-Piece Monoblok Standard Equipment:

  • Lifetime Structural Warranty – Original Owner
  • 24 Month Finish Warranty – Original Owner
  • HRE Red, White and Blue Logo Center Cap (Black/Silver Available Upon Request)
  • Wheel Finish: Click HERE For Standard HRE Finishes


  • All HRE Wheels Are Special Made To Order. Please Allow For Lead Times Ranging from 5-6 Weeks.


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