Huf 433 MHz IntelliSens TPMS Sensor Ferrari 458 Italia 10-15


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Huf offers direct measuring tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The advantage of Huf TPMS sensors are reliable warnings against loss of pressure, maintain long-life of tires, optimization of fuel consumption, reduction of CO2 emissions. The mounting is quick and easy. Huf has specifically developed a universal sensor of equivalent quality which contains the full OE functionality. IntelliSens universal sensors are available in just a few versions that replace nearly all common OE TPMS sensors.

Protocols are already installed on the IntelliSens sensor so setting the sensor is easy and fast taking only seconds to set using a TPMS diagnostic tool. With Huf’s valve and sensor configuration, you can install the sensors on both OE and aftermarket wheels without a problem, without the issue of working under the wheel.


  • Reliable warnings
  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Easy install
  • Freq: 433 mhz per OEM application requirements
  • Valve Stem: Aluminum Clamp-In
  • Black or Gunmetal valve stem upgrade available


  • Ferrari 458 Italia 10-15


  • This purchase is for a single sensor
  • Valves must be tightened using a torque wrench to 35in.lbs. (4Nm). IntelliSens must be configured using a TPMS tool or it will not register with the vehicle when performing the relearn process.


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