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If you are needing extra help with the purchase of your Ferrari, I am offering In Person Purchasing Assistance that can be customized to your needs.  I get it, you’re spending 6 figures on a CAR!  My first house cost about the same as my F430.  It’s scary and you want an expert to help.

This includes 6 hours of in person consultation at a location of your choosing.  This includes 1 hour of phone consultation to help arrange traveling and as a follow up.  If you have a car that you are seriously considering, then I can help you inspect it.  Arrangements for as suitable location to allow us to put the car up on a lift or jacks will need to be made.  If you don’t have a particular car in mind, then I can simply meet with you to discuss purchasing.

If you need more than 6 hours of my time, then you can purchase more time with my Hourly Consultation Services.

I will plan to produce a video of this experience and publish it on my YouTube channel.  If you do NOT want a video produced or if you would like it produced but only made private to you, then you can opt for that in the options below.

Please note that ALL travels costs (flights, transportation, gas, food, lodging) are NOT included and must be covered at YOUR EXPENSE.  Obviously these costs can vary greatly depending on the destination and how soon travel is going to occur.

Below is a testimonial from my first consultation.

I’m getting close to making one of the biggest purchases of my life, my first Ferrari F430. I of course did my own research online and read nearly everything I could find regarding the F430. After conducting my research I still felt like I had a lot of questions and wasn’t 100% confident with choosing the right car for me. That’s when I saw that Dan was offering one on one consultation specifically for the purchase of a F430, and I felt like it would be a good idea to talk to someone who had been down this road before. 
Dan responded to my email almost immediately and we had a phone conversation set up for that evening. I couldn’t be more happy that I decided to talk with Dan prior to making a purchase!! Dan’s in depth knowledge of this car actually convinced me to change my strategy regarding which cars were on my personal want list. This change could end up saving me thousands of dollars!! 
If you’re thinking about buying a Ferrari F430, don’t do it without talking with Dan first. He is extremely easy to talk to, a super nice guy, and an expert when it comes to this car. Let Dan help you find the car of your dreams
Adam Koehm

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