Kline Innovation Valvetronic Rear Section Inconel Porsche 992 Carrera 2020-2021


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The Porsche 992 Carrera. Progressive yet retro styling cues, and a twin turbo flat 6 producing 380hp, the 992 is a striking and powerful machine. The exhaust however, stifled by manufacturer and emissions restrictions, is somewhat lackluster. Here at Kline, we are experts in turning dull turbo sounds into an exotic supercar wail.

Removal of the heavy chambered rear silencer, and replacing it with a lightweight F1 grade Inconel 625 X pipe, and Fully bypassable lightweight Inconel silencers, sheds a significant amount of weight, as well as raising the pitch of the exhaust into a more exotic tonal range. Removal of the OPF and catalysts, and replacing them with either HJS motorsport catalysts, or De-cat pipes, opens the sound up significantly, complementing and accentuating the high pitched silencer section, into an exotic scream. The Kline innovation rear valvetronic setup, means that the car can be driven in stealth mode with the valves closed, however a raw unhindered sound can be achieved with valves open. Addition of our beautifully crafted F1 grade Pre Preg carbon fiber exhaust tips complements the exhaust perfectly.

As with all Porsche turbo platforms, the potential for tuning is huge. Replacing the stock catalysts, with our de-cat pipes, and correcting the subsequent af ratios will yield over 40hp, and 55nm of torque. With the addition of a full ecu remap, upward of 80hp gains can be expected.


  • Cross Sections:
    • 200 cell for optimum performance.
    • X pipe diameter, 70mm
    • silencer transit 50mm
    • catalyst pipe diameter 70mm
    • catalyst overall cross section 122mm
    • manifold primaries, 41mm, 50mm secondary
  • Materials:
    • Rear Silencer Section: F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy
    • 100-Cell catalysts pipes: F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy
    • Manifolds: F1 grade Inconel 625 superalloy


Porsche 992 Carrera 2020-2021

  • What is Kline Innovation?

    Kline Innovation is a Romanian exhaust manufacturer that produces some of the best sounding systems for some of the greatest performance cars in the world. Kline Innovation may be new to the supercar exhaust industry, but the brand has seriously impressed consumers and the overall market with its beautiful, clean designs and impressive acoustics. Kline’s exhausts have become world-renowned in the Porsche community and have expanded to other exotic car brands in just a few quick years. Kline Innovation is very serious about its exhaust design and takes a “no-compromise approach” from the beginning of the process all the way to the final product.

    Kline Innovation’s Development Process

    All of Kline Innovation’s projects are carried out completely in house via a number of different processes that include: laser scanning, cnc laser cutting and mandrel bending, mold, tubing and silencer manufacturing, cnc welding and milling, pressings, and autoclave carbon fiber. Through adding laser scanning capabilities to its overall manufacturing process, Kline was able to effectively design and quality control with more precision resulting in a better end product for the consumer. Some of the brand’s most recent automotive clients are W Motors – Fenyr Supersport, Corbellati Missile, and RUF Automobil.

    Dedicated to Quality Products and Materials

    Kline Innovation strives to craft some of the world’s best lightweight exhausts by using only the best materials for every application, chosen scientifically by their natural properties. These include titanium, Inconel, and carbon fiber, in addition to 304 stainless steel. Each individual material boasts its own unique properties and ideal application based on strength, heat resistance, weight, and chemical stability. Kline strives to craft some of the world’s best lightweight exhausts



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