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The new 718 Cayman S, with a flat 4 turbocharged engine, producing an impressive 350hp, and 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds. The Porsche 718 has been criticised for lacking exhaust noise, however, here at Kline, we are experts at turning lackluster turbo sounds, into a head-turning supercar wail. Here at Kline Innovation we believe in the absolute best materials for every application, chosen scientifically by the materials natural properties. Titanium/Inconel/Carbon fiber exhaust boutique, of course we also offer 304 stainless steel as an alternative on our complete range. Every material has its own unique properties, and perfect application based on weight, strength, heat resistance, and chemical stability. And of course we at Kline strive to craft some of the worlds best lightweight exhausts utilizing every innovation possible!


  • Available in Standard 304 grade stainless or Inconel 625 (See Product Options)
  • Inconel 625 – as used in the aerospace industry where extremely durable and heat withstanding components are required, for example for the exhaust turbine blades in high performance jet engines. Inconel is also used for the manufacture of formula one exhausts, and has also been used by some manufacturers on hypercar projects such as Mcalren P1, Aston Martin 177, where lightness is a factor, and exhaust temperatures regularly exceed 1000c. The basic properties of Inconel are characterised by extremely high tensile strength, and extreme thermo chemical stability. because of the high tensile strength of inconel (roughly the same strength to weight ratio as titanium), very thin sidewall material can be used, while still maintaining structural integrity, resulting in very light weight components that will not fatigue over time. The main drawbacks to using Inconel,is that its extremely difficult to machine and weld, and requires high skill and time consuming processes. its also extremely expensive as a raw material
  • Stainless steel 304 – grade has become the industry standard for exhaust manufacture. moderate strength, thermo chemical stablity, inexpensive, and easy to manufacture, 304 stainless can be used to build relatively inexpensive exhausts to a high standard of functionality and durability. The main drawback to stainless steel is the weight. Roughly the same density of steel, but reduced tensile strength, building high performance exhaust components from stainless can be limited. Also from the perspective of sound, the thick sidewall required from stainless, can produce a slightly dull lackluster sounding exhaust note when compared to the previously mentioned materials!
  • Increased performance
  • Lightweight


  • Porsche 718 | 718S


  • Images shown may display either stainless steel or inconel versions of product


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