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Every AirREX Digital Suspension System includes a vehicle specific lower bracket [OEM specific tabs]. Every tab or bracket for the hub, spindle, sway bar, brake lines, abs sensor, etc. is developed to ensure proper fitment, like that of the factory suspension. Some applications will include a high density polyurethane lower mount bushing.

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What is Liberty Walk?

Liberty Walk is arguably one of the most polarizing tuners out there. In the versatile automotive world, it is certainly one of the brands that truly stands out for a multitude of reasons. The most obvious one being its notoriety for bandsawing the arches off exotic supercars only to add a widebody kit and slammed suspensions system.

One thing is for sure though, the work of Liberty Walk is nothing short of excellence and the brand continues to stun audiences around the globe with each new project. Every tuned car by Liberty Walk is built by devoted automotive enthusiasts whose goal is to bring styling and tuning together in a moving showcase. Liberty Walk is well known for displaying its eye-catching creations at some of the world’s most famous car shows like SEMA.

The Story Behind Liberty Walk

It was the “Kaido Racers” of the ‘80s and ‘90s in Japan that originally sparked the movement that became Liberty Walk, LB Works, and LB Performance. During that time, the Japanese street fighters would build cars with widebody square fenders, transplanted headlights, and no bumpers for an aggressive and intimidating look. The heart and soul of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s “traditional Japanese custom car culture” were truly unique. You’d find that only the most elite show cars had their stock fenders removed and replaced with customized “overfenders.”

Wataru Kato, founder of Liberty Walk, has taken the old-school “Bosozoku” style and adapted it to some of the finest cars in the world. He is a pioneer in designing and building custom body kits, and it shows. Kato-san explains that the name “Liberty Walk” translates to “walk free” in Japanese, meaning you have the freedom to modify your car any way you like.

Liberty Walk was originally a used car dealership back in 1993, and evolved over time into a full tuning shop with more than 20 custom cars showcased. At first, the shop was only known among car enthusiasts in Japan. However, after Liberty Walk debuted its redesigned Murcielago at the 2012 Las Vegas SEMA Show, the company earned global recognition. Today Liberty Walk is proudly promoting its vehicles in the U.S. market while keeping its eyes on global expansion.

Steal the Spotlight With Liberty Walk

If you are looking to change up your ride’s appearance with a more rebellious and bolder look, then look no further than Liberty Walk. Vivid Racing carries a wide range of products from Liberty Walk, including bezels, canards, diffusers, fenders, bumpers, exhaust tips, spoilers, suspension kits, side skirts, wings, and much more! You want it, we have it.

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