Novitec Stainless Steel Exhaust w/Flap Regulation Ferrari 458 Italia 10-15


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There are your average, every day standard exhaust systems for the Ferrari 458 Italia, and then there is the absolutely chilling exhaust note from the Novitec competition exhaust system. Along side the extra power your 458 will acquire, this system is available in stainless steel or ultra light weight and very heat resistant Formula 1 inspired Inconel construction.

Also available with or without flap regulation, Novitec exhaust systems are characterized by using the highest quality materials, a perfect fit and powerful sound. We here at Vivid Racing believe that for a vehicle to perform at its very best, it needs to have the right exhaust system for the engine to perform. Novitec has continued its status of giving their clientele a quality product, and this is one to mark on the books.


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