Supercar Sales Negotiation


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Are you looking to sell your Supercar but are unsure about negotiating the best price?  Or perhaps you simply don’t want to deal with a bunch of tire kickers.  Our team can help ensure you meet your goals selling your supercar.

We start our service with a phone call to come up with a plan that will meet your goals.  We are constantly checking out the marketplace and have a good feel for current valuations.  A minimum price is determined along with a time-frame based on your specific car, it’s options, and market conditions.  Then when it comes time to sell your car, we will negotiation on your behalf.  Our experts have many years of experience including owning a car dealership.

Pricing is 5% the minimum sales price of the car + 50% of the final sales price difference over the minimum.  We require a $1,000 initial deposit.

For example, if we agree the minimum sales price is $150,000 and we sell the car for $160,000 you would pay a total of $12,500.

Minimum Sales Price $150,000 * 5% = $7,500
Final Sales Price $160,000 – Minimum Sales Price $150,000 = $10,000 * 50% = $5,000
$7,500 + $5,000 – $1000 deposit = $12,500

We can customize our Supercar Sales Negotiation to meet your needs!  If you want a full white-glove service, we’d love to talk and come up with a solution to meet your needs.  Please check out our “Supercar Sales Assistance” and “Supercar White Glove Selling Service” for more information.

If you are interested in only listing your Supercar for sale, go to my Supercar For Sale Submission Form – it’s FREE! No, like seriously, it’s free.


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