Thank you for submitting your Supercar issue to our database. As Supercar owners ourselves we realized that it’s very difficult to find data out there about issues related to our cars, how to fix them, and how much it might cost. So we want to gather data from you, and make it available to everyone for free!

If you have an issue with your Supercar that you would like to document, we will PAY YOU! Each unique issue submission that we approve will earn you $5 off anything we sell! Please note that we will only offer the $5 discount for a limited time. Contact us for more details.

This will be a curated database. All entries will only be published after they have been approved by our staff. We reserve the right to alter submissions for any reason we feel necessary. If you find this database helpful, consider supporting Normal Guy Supercar by subscribing to our YouTube channel, or better yet, purchase your Supercar Parts with us!

The data we receive will remain anonymous unless you check to include your name and email address. However, you also can select whether or not you want us to forward on inquiries to this issue to you.

Thank you for helping the supercar community!

Choose the best category to match the issue even if the issue spans multiple categories.
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Feel free to break the cost down by parts/labor or give an estimated range if unknown.
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