Here’s some helpful links to tools that I use or that have been featured on my videos.

Full disclosure – if you use the links below, I may get a referral so I do appreciate it when you do this. It should come at no additional cost to you!

Basic OBD Reader

Simple Bluetooth OBD Reader – I keep this in my glove box in the Ferrari as they sometimes like to throw a code that’s not harmful. This allows me to at least read the code wherever I am. Plus it’s come in handy many times when a fellow gearhead has a code get thrown.

Launch X431 Scan Tool

This is by far a more robust OBD reader/tool that can actually perform some basic functions. In hindsight I should have probably gotten one of the higher end ones as they have some more functions that I now would like to play with. I haven’t spent enough time using the tool to tell you everything it can or can’t do, so buy at your own peril if you need a specific function. I bought the “mini” but if I could do it over I’d buy the Pro.

Nitrile Gloves

I go through a lot of these, and I’ve found the thickness of these ones is just enough to be fairly durable, but not so thick that you lose dexterity.

Race Ramps

These are very handy for taking on and off the bottom tray on Ferraris since you have to remove the jacks from the jack points in order to pull the trays out.

Vice Grips

Mechanics Gloves

Very helpful when you don’t want to burn your hands on a hot exhaust or hot oil.

Pressure Bleeder (Motive)

This works amazingly well when bleeding brakes. You can use a vacuum pump but the pressure bleeder is by far superior. I’m a big fan.

DA Polisher

If you don’t have a polisher, this kit will get you set up pretty well. It’s not the top of the line, but it’s good enough for home use and seems to do a really good job. Plus it comes with most of what you’ll need.

Various Tools

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