Bought a supercar

Hello Dan,

My name is Michael Russell and I’m a Senior Director of Digital Marketing and provide Search Engine Optimization for one of the largest private investment groups in the United States.

I recently turned 25 years of age and I was in the market of celebrating my success at an early age on a Supercar. My options were between a Gallardo, a GTR, or an F430 which I became super interested in from watching your videos on YouTube.

Through watching your videos I was able to decide the perks of the F430 such as the F1 transmission and the rather great exhaust that can be had for a very decent price point compared to some of the competitor’s prices for the aftermarket exhausts.

Ultimately I decided that a modified 2014 GTR Black Edition with a Switzer P800 Package (800+whp) GTR was the best choice for the time being as I’m waiting on 488 prices to come down a little before I jump on the Ferrari family.

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