The Ferrari 355 has a reputation for being a high maintenance and expensive car to own. This is usually what people who don’t actually own one say, and more likely someone that has never driven one. Yes, they have a reputation that is well deserved but not only for the maintenance, but also the enjoyment and experience that comes with driving one!

My friend Jeff let me borrow his 1998 Ferrari 355 F1 GTS, note that it’s not the F355 as it has the F1 transmission, not the gated manual. The sound coming from the 3.5 Liter 5 Valve flat plane V8 is simply incredible. It tempts you constantly to just stomp the go pedal harder just to unleash that wail! As Jeremy Clarkson said “I have to have one.”

Meg drives the McLaren 600LT and SCARES THE S**T OUT OF HERSELF!!!

Meg provides another Apathetic Car Review on the McLaren 600LT. She loves the billionaire doors, color and styling… But best of all she scares the crap out of herself when she finally hits full boost.

The McLaren 600LT is ABSOLUTELY EPIC, Possibly my next car??!!!

My buddy David lent me his McLaren 600LT for the day and told me that it would blow my mind. I have yet to really enjoy a McLaren as I’ve found them too numb and lacking a bit of soul. But, holy crap the 600LT is just EPIC. Insanely fast, very responsive, and tons of feedback. It finally felt like I wasn’t driving a computer, but a supercar! This is how supercars that are track focused should feel. What an amazing car.

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Meg Test Drives & Reviews the Ferrari California 30 and thinks…

Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews – In this episode, Meg reviews a 2013 Ferrari California 30 and discusses why it’s really not the “girly” Ferrari in any way. The performance and driving characteristics suggest that in no way this should be given any less respect than other Ferraris. Meg also talks about why convertibles aren’t exactly something women prefer either.

The Ferrari California is a STEAL UNDER $100K

The Ferrari California can easily be found for under $100K right now, and at that price, it might be the Ferrari you’ve been waiting for. Yes, it’s not the mid engine V8 or even the front engine V12’s, but it’s just as much a Ferrari as those cars, and has the performance numbers to back it up. The grand touring setup provides far better comfort than most other Ferraris, but a touch of practicality yet still going fast as hell with a 0-60 in 3.8 seconds! If you enjoy this content, please consider supporting my channel.

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While visiting Fred to check out the Ferrari F8, he demanded I try driving his wife’s BMW M850i Carbon edition. The 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 puts out 523HP and well over 550FT-LBS of torque sending this 4400LB beat from 0-60 in under 3.8 seconds! It’s a large car, and quite heavy from all the luxury options, but it’s still fairly planted and feels good on the road. The grand touring aspects of the car really shine on the highway where you are sitting in very comfortable seats with excellent climate controls, modern ergonomics, and a fantastic infotainment system. Overall it’s a fantastic car that’s a joy to drive yet still remains an excellent daily driver.

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One of my viewers Fred had me come out to his house in California to join him on a Ferrari F8 Tributo test drive. We headed over to Newport Beach Ferrari, and were given the opportunity to take out the new F8, and put it through the paces. And WOW, it is simply epic. Absolutely stunningly beautiful, incredibly fast and nimble, just a completely amazing car. Fred is going to be getting the F8 Spider as soon as allocations are available. It’s going to be amazing as we bring you along for the journey of buying a brand new Ferrari.

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My wife likes the LAMBORGHINI HURACAN more than my FERRARI 458?!?!

Meg give another apathetic review – this time of a Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4. She makes more jokes at the expensive of all supercar owners, but particularly the Ferrari owners and certain aspects of that culture. After dispensing her opinion of the Lambo she concludes that she likes it. Possibly more than the Ferrari?

Ferrari Owner Reviews a Lamborghini Huracan and thinks it’s a piece of…

I finally got to try driving a Lamborghini Huracan and I will fully admit, it was a really amazing car. The torque from the V10 was very impressive and it’s build quality is excellent. All of the materials are of high quality and have a good feel to it. Ultimately it’s a high end luxury supercar that’s worthy of the Lamborghini name.

Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews – The FERRARI 458

Welcome to the first of a new series on the Normal Guy Supercar channel, or perhaps Normal Gal Supercar channel… Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews.

Meg knows almost nothing about cars and prefers it that way. They are of little interest to her and she wants to spend absolutely no time researching the various features and quirks of ownership and driving experience. Even though she has no interest in learning about cars or reviewing them, YOU have asked for her opinions about cars and so here you go.

In this first episode Meg reviews the Ferrari 458 – specifically our 2010 Ferrari 458. As you’ll see, she really isn’t very impressed, BUT she concludes that “Shiny Red Car, Goes Fast.”