I found your channel shortly after I got my first Ferrari a few years ago, a f430 spider. I didnt get into cars until recent years; I have never wrench on cars, nor do I know much about Ferraris. My first supercar was an Audi R8, which I still own and have no intent to let go. They are easy on the wallet, bulletproof, superb performance and is backed by affordable extended warranty/factory service plans. But I have always been mesmerized by a Ferrari, both the brand and their cars. I looked at a f430 because it’s one of the first ferraris that I am aware of after I know how to drive, plus I love the look and it has depreciated to a range that I can afford. I watched bunch of youtube videos, read up on the forums on the common issues, and saved up a couple of years for one. I opted for a spider to complement my R8 coupe. The initial ownership experience hasnt been smooth – I didnt know a mechanic and most dealers are far away from me. Despite a PPI, I had issues with the low mileage car, such as bad clutch settings so it always stall, punctured and bent a front rim, the top doesnt close sometimes, varietor leaks, header leaks (we smell exhaust with the top down) and all the while it requires annual service which easily runs 1-2k. In addition, I am extremely OCD when it comes to cleanliness, and being a black car, I spent a lot of time learning about paint correction, clear bra etc. and finding the right guy to do it. I also couldnt stand some of the cosmetic blemishes on the cars, such as scraping of the front bumpers and the underside of sideskirts etc. So I spent a lot of time and money on the mechanical and cosmetic aspects of the car to get it to where I like. What kept me going is that the ferrari mystique is real, the bodywork is an art and it sounds and shifts beautifully, and the car has so much charm. Every drive is an event. I was in love, but the excessive time spent and financial stress (and lack of resources) very soon made me realized I am not in a position in life to afford the cost and time to keep an older car. All the while I have been watching your videos and keeping up with your journey, since you know a lot more about these cars. I remembered I am constantly doing this mental filter to ask myself what tools am I missing, and how much that will cost me and ist worth it. when I was watching your DIY videos. I didnt pull the trigger, but your videos were a mental preparation course to venture into something I would never have thought I would do. A year later, I jumped on a deal to trade into a well spec’ed 458, sadly to cut my financial loss with the spider. When I first got the 458, I got mixed feelings about it. One one hand, I like how easy and normal it is to drive; it’s very usable, almost like a porsche. It’s also extremely reliable, and other than a bad battery, it hasnt give me any issues at all. But I felt I lost some of the sound and feel of the car, which I miss dearly. Other than the top 7-9k rpm range, the car doesnt sound as good and organic as the f430. 6-10 months later, you got a 458 as well, and I continue to follow your journey and DIY videos. I feel like we have a somewhat similar journey on this, except I am a total newbie in car knowledge. A year later, I added a porsche gt3 to the stable. What finally pushed me to actually do my first DIY was the 2013 boxster oil change video, shortly after you started your Turo adventure. Our daily is a 13 boxster, and seeing how easy it was, I finally gathered the courage to try. I bought jacks, and some standard tools from autozone, searched into forums on part numbers etc. and finally did it with success. I continue the momentum and did the air filters and cabin filters. I then did the air filters, oil change on my gt3 and changed the center muffler bypass. I then removed the rear bumper of R8 to diagnosis some vibration noise, and i replaced the battery on it in the frunk. Noticed I didnt do anything on the ferraris yet, as I am afraid to mess it up. For the first year owning the 458, I had an indy did the annual service and the dealer did the spark plugs. I have a local car group, and a friend of ours watched your video and replaced the spark plugs on his f430 a few weeks after I had the dealer replaced mine. It took him 3-4 hrs and $130! I paid close to $900! And the dealer quoted me $1200 for an oil change on the 458! So when you started doing all the DIYs on the 458 such as brake flush, engine panel replacements and oil changes, I have been buying the tools that I need, such as a diagnostic reader that works with all the cars to reset lights or read problems and perform tests. About half a year ago, I bought a 430 scuderia to reunite myself with the 430 platform which I missed. Sorry for my long windedness and appearing to go off topic, but as you can see, your videos throughout the years are probably the biggest inspiration for me to not only own ferraris with more confidence, but also tackle many of the basic services on other cars as well. I learned where to search for parts, the procedures, getting service manuals, start to know mechanics, research market prices, the kind of tools I need, and even to watch out for fake spark plugs from ebay. I havent touched my scud and 458 yet, but I plan to do it this winter. I have all the parts ordered and delivered in one of the pictures attached. Oil changes, filters, spark plugs, brake fluid flushes etc.. Of course, I will still reserve the more important jobs to qualified professionals like Josh, but at least I can take care of the small services myself and not pay $1200 on an oil change! Huge thanks to you. Perhaps DIY videos dont pay for your channel as much, vs some low time, high drama, zero cost- videos that actually get you paid, but I hope you can continue to do it because I feel that’s really the value of the channel. Also it really shows that ferrari owners are not all snobbish and many are “normal guys” like you and me, and many of my ferrari friends in the car group. It’s unfortunate youtube does not reward quality over drama,  but this is a capitalistic world so i get it. I know you are not yet making money from youtube, I hope your channel continue to grow and be successful soon


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