BUYING our Next PROJECT FERRARI and it NEEDS WORK… // The Secret Ferrari Project Unveiled!

After the Major Engine Out Service on Tim’s 348, I began the hunt for our next Major Ferrari Project car… And I stumbled upon this amazing 1987 Ferrari Testarossa in amazing condition but needing a major and some other minor work.

So I partnered up with Josh and Todd, we bought it, and Todd and I drove all the way to Orlando, Florida to pick it up and trailer it home! Another massive road trip adventure was born!

I got to test drive the Testarossa and one of my childhood dreams was achieved! This car is simply amazing. I can’t wait to get it home and we get to tear that engine out and make it run perfect!

Surprising Kids with FREE FERRARI RIDES! **Priceless Reactions**

I was voluntold on Facebook about a grandmother seeking a Ferrari owner to give her grandchildren a ride in a Ferrari. After I was tagged in the post multiple times, I figured I should probably do some more good deeds and give these kids some awesome memories.

So I called up Tim, and asked him to join me with his 348. After all, what’s better than 1 Ferrari? 2 of course!

We headed over and gave quite a few rides to some very excited kids who hopefully are now Ferrari fans for life!

LIFE of a YouTube FERRARI OWNER: Meg is now a MODEL! // Celebrity Photoshoot

Meg came up with an idea to have a photo shoot with all the “cast” of Normal Guy Supercar. The idea was to make it tongue-in-cheek, where all the other people would be dressed up ironically over the top, and I would be wearing my “Normal Guy” clothes posing with the Ferrari. It ended up just being a fun time as lots of beer was consumed through the evening.

How we BROKE a customer’s FERRARI F12… **OOPS**

After we finished installing the Forza Componenti exhaust controller ( in the Ferrari F12, we were doing some acceleration runs to record the sound of the exhaust and demonstrate the new exhaust controller. NOTE: We had the owners permission.

On our final run with the valves open, the F12 slung the alternator belt! The belt was completely shredded around the alternator. The F12 has a known issue with this exact problem, so it’s not entirely a surprise but we did feel bad that it happened while on our watch. Obviously we fixed it pretty easily.

Making a Ferrari F12 sound like an FORMULA 1 Car! **ON A BUDGET**

Forza Componenti:

The stock exhaust on the Ferrari F12 sounds incredible, when the exhaust valves are open. The computer by default only opens the valves when the car is under very hard acceleration which means the car doesn’t sound all that great when the valves are closed which is most of the time.

A simple solution to make the car sound loud or quiet when YOU want is to add a Forza Componenti exhaust controller. The controller gives you the option to have the valves open, closed, or default to the computer control. And best of all, it’s very easy to install, and it’s under $400!

Dodge Viper oil change is EASIER than ANY FERRARI. EVER.

My buddy Omar needed to change the oil on his Gen 2 Dodge Viper. So we put it up on the lifts and changed the oil. It was stupid simple and anyone can do this job. It took about 20 minutes and no oil was spilled (I know, that’s an unusual thing for me).

Modifying HER Alfa Romeo 4C with CARBON FIBER! The BABY SUPERCAR!!

My friend Ti wanted to put some carbon fiber parts on her Alfa Romeo 4C and asked I would be willing to help. This was a new one for me as I generally don’t do much work on the looks of a car. The carbon pieces needed to be epoxied over the old composite parts. It ended up being a fairly simple job that dramatically improved the look of the car! I think she’s pretty happy with the results!

FERRARI 458 went into LIMP MODE from BAD FUEL?! **Pista Rally Day 2**

ferrari #broke

Day 2 of the Pista Rally was held at the Harris Hill Raceway. We had about 50 cars and the entire track to ourselves! This was my first time driving the track – and I ended up doing pretty well. But during one of my longer sessions my Ferrari 458 went into limp mode! It ended up throwing a bunch of misfires and I had to slowly exit the track.

After clearing the codes and letting it cool down, the car seems to be totally fine. I suspect it could be from bad Chevron gas. I should have demanded we stop at Shell!

We Got in TROUBLE with the COPS AGAIN!! **Pista Rally Day 1 SHENANIGANS**

livepd #rally #pulledover

PISTA RALLY Day 1 and what an insane day it was! We started off at the Houston Raceway for some drag racing. When you only have about 50 cars to a drag strip, you can get in a LOT of runs. I think I put down about 20 passes. My best was a 11.5 and worst was a 12.2. Not bad for a stock 458 on street tires.

After a bit, I ran into Cleetus McFarland (Garret) and after talking for a while, I bought his entry to the track so he and I could race. Needless to say I got my butt kicked but it was so much fun, and he’s a super nice guy. Losing to Ruby was my favorite loss I’ve had.

Then to continue the craziness, while driving from Houston to Austin we ended up having 4 interactions with the police. While stopped at Buc’ees for a fuel stop, we had multiple police and sheriff’s cars come and talk to us. They apparently had reports of us going 130MPH+. Hmm.

Then we got stopped by a rolling road block and one of the drivers was issued a ticket for no front license plate – the default FU ticket when they have nothing else. We stopped again for another fuel stop and a cop came and talked with us for a while. He ended up being super cool and was the kind of police officer that you want to run into.

Finally, as we were almost at our hotel, I was pulled over along with another Ferrari in the group. This is where I ended up on LivePD infamously. Like I said, crazy day!

My LivePD incident if you didn’t already see it.


Adam’s 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo (996) needed an oil change. It’s a fairly simple job that should easily take less than an hour. Simply lift the car up so you have access to the 4 drain plugs. Drain the oil from the 2 turbo sumps, the crankcase, and the main sump. Once drained, put on new crush washers and torque drain plugs to the proper torque spec.

After this, remove the old oil filter, replace the o-rings and oil filter. Put about 1 quart into the oil filter housing, and reinstall the new oil filter. Fill with about 8 quarts total then start the car and measure the oil. Add oil as necessary.

Mobile 1 0w-40: