Changing the brake fluid on a Ferrari 458 Italia and F430

Richard and I were scheduled to have a track day at the Circuit of the Americas with the Ferrari North America people. Before we head off to the track, we wanted to put in new brake fluid into Richard’s Ferrari 458 Italia and my Ferrari F430.

The brake fluid we used is Castrol SRF React brake fluid and performs very well when under high temps like you will experience on the track. Changing the brake fluid on both cars is very simple and can easily be performed using simple hand tools, but it helps to have a Motiv pressurized brake bleeder system. You first need to suck the old fluid out of the reservoir using a brake bleeder vacuum pump.

While I had the wheels off and since I was going to be using the brakes pretty hard, I wanted to also check on my brake pad thickness and brake rotor thickness. You can use a simple brake pad thickness gauge to check on the pads, and a brake caliper gauge.

Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide and Consulting Service

I’ve spent a month gathering my thoughts to the question, “If I were to buy another F430, what would I have done differently.” The result is I created a “Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide” that I believe will be extremely helpful to prospective Ferrari F430 buyers. The guide will help you determine what to look for and what flaws you might find acceptable or not.

You can purchase my Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide here:

If you wish to have a personalized discussion about a Ferrari F430 purchase, I am also now offering hourly base consultation services. You can ask whatever questions you may have over the phone, email, or even DM services.

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If you wish to have me come assist you in person, whether that’s physically inspecting the car you are interested in, or just to discuss the purchase in person, you can purchase my In Person Purchasing Assistance.

You can purchase In Person Purchasing Assistance here:


#exhaustzombies #revbattle


At the March 2019 Cars and Coffee Austin at the Circuit of the Americas, I brought my new decibel meter and decided to have a rev battle to see who’s car is the loudest! I’m pretty sure our ears were bleeding afterwards, but it was so much fun and we got to hear so many cool cars rev their engines.

I will start making this a regular thing and have competitions at each Austin Cars and Coffee to determine who is the king of the Exhaust Zombies!

The MOST FERRARIS I’ve seen in person

Ferrari organized a massive rally with 50 Ferraris heading from all the Ferrari dealerships in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin) to the Circuit of Americas. There at COTA, we were invited to watch the Ferrari Challenge which is my favorite event at COTA.

We started off by meeting at Ferrari of Austin, then about 20 Ferraris went on a rally. Half way through we met up with the Ferrari of San Antonio people and then had an even bigger group for the rally.

We saw just about every Ferrari you can imagine: 488 Pista, 488 GTB, 458 Speciale, 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia, F430, 360, 355 GTS, 328, and 308. Plus all of the challenge cars!

Unfortunately, before the event even got started, one of the Ferrari Club of America members was involved in a hit and run and his Ferrari sustained some significant damage. This is why I always have a dash cam running in my car. You should probably get one too.

Visit the Dashcam Store to pick up a Dashcam and protect your car.


One of my viewers brought his Dodge Demon over and had Meg and I try driving it. Todd is a hero and let us not only beat on it pretty hard, but he had me do some launches with launch control. The best part is he wanted Meg to do a burnout! Meg did her first burnout ever! It was pretty good for a first try and got some smoke.

The 808HP Dodge Demon is simply crazy fast. From pulling a wheelie to running the quarter mile in under 10 seconds from a factory car! The drag slicks come from the factory with little Dodge Demon logos on them. The marketing efforts by Mopar were simply brilliant as they sold all 3000 of the Demons very quickly. Now they are currently selling in the 6-figure range.

Todd is selling his other Dodge Demon with factory delivery miles on it, only 7.3 miles! If you’d like to buy his Demon, send me an email:

I FOUND A NEW JOB! Wining with Dan returns!

It’s been almost 3 months since I lost my job, but I found a new job and it’s not what you think! I’m changing careers and going full time as a YouTube Creator! I suppose a more accurate term is media producer or something like that. I managed to find an investor who was willing to put some money into my channel. We are going to try to start kicking butt and producing not only a lot more awesome content and great videos, but try to expand into some other areas off YouTube that will be beneficial to current and future supercar owners.

I can’t thank all of you enough that helped out by passing along my resume, getting me in touch with hiring managers, and even just saying positive things. It was very touching and helpful to know that many people out there were rooting for me to find a new job and wishing me well. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it.

Nobody watches videos about racing, so here’s a video about racing

I’ve found that whenever I publish a video about racing at the Circuit of the Americas, they do pretty poorly. So to prove this theory, here’s another video about racecars on the track, you know, racing and going fast like we all want to do. This was taken at the Blancpain World Challenge (Formerly Pirelli World Challenge). It’s a fantastic race and you really should consider going to it to watch some awesome racing action.


We were invited to meet at Ferrari of Austin and then drive on a parade with a police escort through downtown during rush hour! All in the name of promoting the Blancpain World Challenge, or at least that’s the excuse. Yeah, let’s go with that…

Running red lights, revving the engine, and just generally being a non-felon misdemeanor criminal is the order in this video. After we complete the drive and the cops go home, we end up at K1 Speed to race some go-karts with a huge group of racers. Talk about a fun night of shenanigans.

Wining with Meg – The “Asshole Cop” hits 1M VIEWS

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Ah yes, the “Asshole Cop” saga continues. So the infamous “Asshole Cop” video recently hit 1 MILLION views which is frankly kinda crazy. What’s been more fascinating is to see how polarizing that entire incident has been. People’s reactions have ranged from MEH all the way to death threats and extreme histrionics. Some people have even gone way out of their way just to contact me to vomit their worthless opinions upon the world. Congratulations, you’ve now been banned.

The saddest part about all of this is that it proves that YouTube viewers really just want drama, not quality content about cool stuff like racing cars, maintaining them, or modifying them. Nope, a simple video about getting a ticket gets FAR more views. SIGH

Anyways, if you haven’t already seen the videos about the asshole cop, here’s the links to get you caught up. A word of advice, if you’re going to make stupid comments, at least watch the entire video so you know what it is you’re actually talking about. In fact, watch ALL of the relevant videos in order so you understand the entire story, not just what you want to see.

Asshole cop at Cars and Coffee:
Asshole cop gets his revenge:
Follow up to the Asshole cop:
Resolving the ticket issued by the asshole cop:


After the RATX Poker Run I brought the Ferrari F430 (F4Turdy) back to Authentic Details ( to have them safely and professionally remove the vinyl stickers and paint protection film put on the car before the rally. They use all the tricks of the trade, steam, heat guns, and even sunlight to help warm up the wrap so it would come off easier and stay together. The most important part was to do this carefully so we did not damage the paint and need to have it repainted again. That would have been horrible. Thankfully, the skilled individuals at Authentic Details did an incredible job and the car is back to looking nearly perfect.

Authentic Details can be reached at