The 25K Winners & YOU can participate in the Influencer Invasion Experience!!!

I announce the 2 winners of the 25K giveaway and the next giveaway which is going to be one hell of an experience!

To enter you my Influencer Invasion Experience, you must Like my video, Share the Influencer Invasion webpage (, and email me a screenshot of the share to BEFORE May 14th. On May 15th, I will select a winner who will be invited to come participate in the Influencer Invasion on June 7-9. I will pay for your flight and hotel up to a maximum cost of $1200. Note that if you’re not in the US, that probably won’t cover your flights so you might be on your own if you still want to enter.

If you can’t make the trip, then I unfortunately will have to choose another person.

No, you won’t get to drive my Ferrari. Yes, you will get to ride in it, probably even on the track.

A moment of silence for the smashed diffusers

SIGN UP For the 2019 Influencer Invasion!

Day 2 Part 1 of the Ferrari Club of America Hill Country Chapter’s Hanging at the Hangar Hotel. 48 Ferraris head out for 500 miles of the best driving in the Texas Hill Country! We take on the Twisted Sisters along with other well known roads that have turns, elevation, and lots of dips.

Unfortunately, those dips occasionally are too steep and many of the Ferraris ended up smacking their diffusers on the ground or bottoming out in some way. Thankfully no major damage was reported.

The second half of the drive is in the next video. Stay tuned as a few of the participants get pulled over and issued tickets by the police!

2019 Influencer Invasion hosted by Normal Guy Supercar – Premiere Video

Premieres Sunday, 4/21/2019 at 6PM Central!

June 7-9, 2019
The 2019 Influencer Invasion hosted by Normal Guy Supercar in Austin, Texas!

3 days, 3 events for Influencers and their fans! Automotive influencers that meet the requirements will get free access, just reach out to me:

Please click here to learn more and make sure you qualify.

Day 1 – Friday, June 7 is a private drive and dinner for Influencers to meet each other and enjoy some Texas BBQ!
Day 2 – Saturday, June 8 is the TIME ATTACK at The Driveway Austin ( This will be open to spectators for only $10/person. You can purchase tickets here:
Day 3 – Sunday, June 9 is Cars and Coffee Austin at the Circuit of the Americas ( which will have special reserved parking for the influencers.

My favorite Ferrari event in Texas – 48 Ferraris, 3 Days, 500 miles

Every spring right when all of the Texas wild flowers are blooming, the Ferrari Club of America Hill Country Chapter organizes my favorite Ferrari event in Texas called the Hanging at the Hangar Hotel weekend.

This year there were 48 Ferraris from all over Texas, and even some that came in from out of state! They joined in the fun for 3 days of exciting driving on some of the best roads that the Texas hill country has.

We first met up in Austin to have a smaller group drive out to the Hangar Hotel in Fredricksburg via back roads that are really fun. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a lot of fun. Once we arrived I had Brad from Authentic Details try driving the F430 to dinner and I think he enjoyed it.

If you’d like to join the Ferrari Club of America (you don’t actually have to own a Ferrari!) you can do so by going here.
You can even use my member number as your reference. 50662

I HATE this about the Ferrari 458 – dashboard comparison F430

Now that I’ve had the Ferrari 458 Italia for about 2 weeks, I’ve determined that the radio is absolutely crap. Not that it’s quality is bad or that it doesn’t sound good. It’s just the control interface is terrible. I’m not sure they designed it for humans. It seems like they tried too hard to over simplify the controls.

By comparison the controls in the Ferrari F430 are very simple and intuitive. I compare the dashboards, buttons, switches, quirks and features (thanks Doug DeMuro) of the Ferrari 458 and Ferrari F430.

The F430 is still a very analog car with classic dial gauges and a very simple interface. The 458 has a modern dash with digital gauges but still has an analog dial tachometer. But operating the instrument cluster can be difficult and takes some getting used to. Most of the controls like windshield wipers and turn signals have been located on the steering wheel of the 458. This actually is pretty cool and makes it so you can operate these functions without removing your hand from the wheel.

However if you want to do something as simple as changing a song on the stereo, well that’s a complete pain in the butt.

CHEAP & EASY way to make your stock Ferrari look MUCH BETTER!

My buddy Ven recently purchased a super clean Ferrari F430, and he actually found it at a local dealership in Austin! It’s got a lot of really cool options on it, but the one thing that it needed badly was to have the wheels fill out the fenders better.

So he bought a set of wheel spacers from Ricambi America using my discount code NGS10 to get 10% off. You can find the wheel spacers using this link:

These specific wheel spacers are here:

The spacers go on simply by removing the wheels, putting on the spacers, then bolting the wheels back on and torquing them down. Super simple.

So I was invited to a DONK CONTEST and it was FUN AS HELL

Recently I was invited to come to the Donk Contest in Austin, and so I figured why the hell not? I’ll be honest, it’s not really my thing and I don’t fully understand it, but it was FUN as hell to attend!

People were doing burnouts all over the place, lots of revving, stereos thumping, it was just loud and crazy the entire time! I had a blast.

Buying my new supercar and driving it home

Now that my F430 is going to be sold by the end of the month, I needed to get another supercar otherwise I would be sad and have to change my channel’s name to Normal Guy Normal Car. I have been watching the market for quite a while and I believe one particular model is near the bottom of it’s pricing.

But let’s be honest, I just want this car because it’s amazing and it’s the car I always have wanted.

I captured some of my phone calls with multiple dealerships and how boring and frustrating that process can be. I will have a follow up video explaining how I’m paying for the car and how the financing will work.

How to change the coolant, thermostat, & accessory belt on a Ferrari F430

Thermostat part # 230887:
Thermostat gasket # 137873:
Accessory Belt for F430 # 235315:

Ricambi America provided these parts to me and sponsored this video. You can use the code “NGS10” to get 10% OFF any purchase at their website –

Visit Ricambi America’s Facebook and Instagram pages, like and follow and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card!
Ricambi America’s Facebook:
Ricambi America’s Instagram:

In this video we show you how to change the coolant, thermostat, and accessory belt on my Ferrari F430. It’s a fairly simple job and only takes a few hours. Most of the time is just spent removing and reinstalling the underbody panels.

Once the car is jacked up into the air, you remove both the front and rear underbody panels. This will give you access to the radiators in the front, as well as the belt and thermostat in the rear.

You can drain the coolant by putting the car at a forward angle and pulling the drain plugs on the left and right radiators. I used the Pentosin Blue coolant but you can use green coolant as well. The system holds 17.5 Liters of coolant.

The accessory belt is extremely easy to remove and replace. You simply use a 15mm socket on a breaker bar to undo the tension on the belt at the belt tensioner, then pull the belt off and put the new belt on.

The thermostat is removed by unbolting the 3 5mm bolts holding it to the engine block, then removing the hose clamp. I had to use a screwdriver to pry the hose off the old thermostat as it was stuck a bit.

UNVEILING MY NEW SUPERCAR video premiere this Sunday @6PM Central (NOTE Time changed to 6!)

Premiering this Sunday, April 14 @6PM Central time, I unveil my NEW SUPERCAR! I captured some of the process of making phone calls, negotiating the price, inspecting the car, then actually driving it home. And you get to come along with me on the journey!

Set a reminder, don’t miss the live premiere and join in the chat! Meg and I will be there chatting with y’all!