CHEAP & EASY way to make your stock Ferrari look MUCH BETTER!

My buddy Ven recently purchased a super clean Ferrari F430, and he actually found it at a local dealership in Austin! It’s got a lot of really cool options on it, but the one thing that it needed badly was to have the wheels fill out the fenders better.

So he bought a set of wheel spacers from Ricambi America using my discount code NGS10 to get 10% off. You can find the wheel spacers using this link:

The spacers go on simply by removing the wheels, putting on the spacers, then bolting the wheels back on and torquing them down. Super simple.

So I was invited to a DONK CONTEST and it was FUN AS HELL

Recently I was invited to come to the Donk Contest in Austin, and so I figured why the hell not? I’ll be honest, it’s not really my thing and I don’t fully understand it, but it was FUN as hell to attend!

People were doing burnouts all over the place, lots of revving, stereos thumping, it was just loud and crazy the entire time! I had a blast.

Buying my new supercar and driving it home

Now that my F430 is going to be sold by the end of the month, I needed to get another supercar otherwise I would be sad and have to change my channel’s name to Normal Guy Normal Car. I have been watching the market for quite a while and I believe one particular model is near the bottom of it’s pricing.

But let’s be honest, I just want this car because it’s amazing and it’s the car I always have wanted.

I captured some of my phone calls with multiple dealerships and how boring and frustrating that process can be. I will have a follow up video explaining how I’m paying for the car and how the financing will work.

How to change the coolant, thermostat, & accessory belt on a Ferrari F430

Thermostat part # 230887:
Thermostat gasket # 137873:
Accessory Belt for F430 # 235315:

Ricambi America provided these parts to me and sponsored this video. You can use the code “NGS10” to get 10% OFF any purchase at their website –

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In this video we show you how to change the coolant, thermostat, and accessory belt on my Ferrari F430. It’s a fairly simple job and only takes a few hours. Most of the time is just spent removing and reinstalling the underbody panels.

Once the car is jacked up into the air, you remove both the front and rear underbody panels. This will give you access to the radiators in the front, as well as the belt and thermostat in the rear.

You can drain the coolant by putting the car at a forward angle and pulling the drain plugs on the left and right radiators. I used the Pentosin Blue coolant but you can use green coolant as well. The system holds 17.5 Liters of coolant.

The accessory belt is extremely easy to remove and replace. You simply use a 15mm socket on a breaker bar to undo the tension on the belt at the belt tensioner, then pull the belt off and put the new belt on.

The thermostat is removed by unbolting the 3 5mm bolts holding it to the engine block, then removing the hose clamp. I had to use a screwdriver to pry the hose off the old thermostat as it was stuck a bit.

UNVEILING MY NEW SUPERCAR video premiere this Sunday @6PM Central (NOTE Time changed to 6!)

Premiering this Sunday, April 14 @6PM Central time, I unveil my NEW SUPERCAR! I captured some of the process of making phone calls, negotiating the price, inspecting the car, then actually driving it home. And you get to come along with me on the journey!

Set a reminder, don’t miss the live premiere and join in the chat! Meg and I will be there chatting with y’all!

The cars you had posters of on your bedroom wall

I went to check out the inaugural Italian Motoring Festival in Boerne, Texas. I was shocked to see we had 2 of the most iconic cars in the world there – The Ferrari F40 and the Lamborghini Countach. We also had some of the best supercars to come from Italy including a Ferrari 512BBi, Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 512M, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lamborghini Aventador, and more!

When my brother and I were kids, we had 2 posters of cars on our bedroom wall – 1 was a red Ferrari Testarossa and the other was a black Lamborghini Countach with gold wheels.

We also drove out to the event in a good sized group of cars in the Texas Hill Country and had a great time.

Here’s Everything GOOD & BAD about my Ferrari F430 For Sale!

My Ferrari F430 is up for Auction right now on my website and can be yours! Visit the auction page to place a bid!

Don’t forget you can also earn a 1% commission if you refer the winning bidder, sign up here.

I want to be as transparent as possible and show you everything I know to be good AND bad about this car. The reality is that when a car is 15 years old and it’s actually been driven, it’s going to have some minor flaws such as paint chips. The good news is that because the car has been driven, it’s mechanically in excellent condition especially with respect to the engine and transmission!

Some of the items discussed are the modifications such as:
Brembo brakes
KW Coil Overs
Dyno tune by Eurocharged ATX
Headers, X-pipe, Tubi mufflers
Passport 9500CI radar detector and laser jammer
Kenwood Stereo and subwoofer
BlackVue dashcam
Carbon fiber rear diffuser
Carbon fiber engine bay panels
HRE Wheels
Window tint

Some of the bad things include:
Paint chips
Loose mirrors
Misaligned windows
Small oil leak
Rock pits in windshield
Minor wear on bolster
1 small door ding

The car is basically up to date on maintenance but could probably use an oil change in about 1K miles along with tires in about 5K miles.

I take a quick drive in Stu’s Ferrari 360 with the new exhaust! IT’S LOUD!

We had just finished installing the new (and loud) exhaust in Stu’s Ferrari 360. After it was dyno tuned by Eurocharged ATX I had to take the Ferrari over to our friend’s shop so it could have some work done on it’s top.

This was my first time actually driving a Ferrari 360 and it was fairly interesting to see that it does have some significant differences in how the transmission behaves. I also got to see just how loud his car really is!

This is not a comprehensive review as I did not get to drive it very far.

Bidding is OPEN, no reserve on my Ferrari F430

Yes, you can now bid to buy my Ferrari F430. NO RESERVE. The auction will end April 28, 2019 @8PM CDT.

You can view or bid on the auction here.

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Best of luck!

I’m selling my Ferrari F430 for $1, NO BS

I’m going to be selling my Ferrari F430 to one of YOU! NO BS.

More details to comeā€¦

A link to sale will be published after the video goes live.