Meg drives the McLaren 600LT and SCARES THE S**T OUT OF HERSELF!!!

Meg provides another Apathetic Car Review on the McLaren 600LT. She loves the billionaire doors, color and styling… But best of all she scares the crap out of herself when she finally hits full boost.


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Authentic Details continues the Ferrari 458 restoration! The paint correction is complete, and they are beginning to PPF the Ferrari. XPEL hooked me up with their NEW ULTIMATE PLUS 10MIL film which is even thicker and offers more protection than their standard film. Not to mention it’s even more glossy! This will help keep my Ferrari’s paint looking perfect for many years even with the hard driving that I subject it to!

2011 Ferrari 458


Miles: 6,523
Exterior Color: Red - Rosso corsa
Interior Color: Tan
Location: San Antonio, TX
VIN: ZFF67NFA7B0177152
Transmission: Dual Clutch
Bluetooth Integration
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Carbon Fiber Interior
Leather Seats
Parking Sensors
Shift lights on steering wheel

Very clean car with good options!

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Why being a Professional YouTuber is the BEST & WORST JOB

Becoming a full time “professional YouTuber” has a lot of really awesome benefits, but it also can be the worst job. I’m going to discuss some of the reason it completely sucks to be a YouTuber that you might not be aware of.

2019 McLaren 570S


Miles: 4,800
Exterior Color: Other - papaya spark
Interior Color: Black - 16046
Location: mars, PA
VIN: sbm13faa1kw006242
Transmission: Dual Clutch

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The McLaren 600LT is ABSOLUTELY EPIC, Possibly my next car??!!!

My buddy David lent me his McLaren 600LT for the day and told me that it would blow my mind. I have yet to really enjoy a McLaren as I’ve found them too numb and lacking a bit of soul. But, holy crap the 600LT is just EPIC. Insanely fast, very responsive, and tons of feedback. It finally felt like I wasn’t driving a computer, but a supercar! This is how supercars that are track focused should feel. What an amazing car.

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How to RESTORE Leather Seats to PERFECTION & Paint Correction Tips with Authentic Details

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Brad from Authentic Details teaches me how to properly clean and restore my Ferrari 458’s leather seats to near new and perfect condition. It’s very simple and the results are excellent. Best of all, it requires only simple tools and basic cleaning supplies. Along with the leather restoration

Brad also gives some tips on how to do a DIY paint correction. Which pads to use, which polishes, what polisher, etc.

DIY Installing Novitec Exhaust on a Ferrari 488 ALMOST ENDS IN DISASTER!

David just purchased a 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB for his wife, and wanted to have it sound better before she got to see it. He bought a Novitec X-Pipe for the Ferrari 488 and so I told him we can install it no problem. So he brought it over to the Normal Guy Garage and we got to wrenching.

The installation for the exhaust isn’t too bad, but removing the factory exhaust is somewhat a pain in the butt. You have to remove a lot of parts just to gain access. But the worst part is just getting the Cats to separate from the rest of the exhaust. Once you have that done, it’s not a terribly bad job. Plan on spending the better part of a day, and plan to be sore the next day.

Unfortunately we almost had a complete disaster when I accidentally lowered my quick jack too low, and the Ferrari 488 dropped to the floor and landed on it’s carbon ceramic rotors!!! Thankfully my plastic tile floor took the fall and the rotors were undamaged. That could have been a $10,000 mistake!

2001 Ferrari 360


Miles: 24,500
Exterior Color: Blue - Grigio Alloy
Interior Color: Blue - ZFF5YR
Location: Garden Ridge , TX
VIN: ZFF5YRB0002220076
Transmission: Single Clutch
Back up Camera
Bluetooth Integration
Detailed Service History
Leather Seats
PPF (Paint Protection Film)

F430 wheels, Ferrari/Clarion headunit with backup camera, New Ferrari Sport Exhaust, long service record history. CQuartz finest ceramic coating, clear bra, Challenge Stradale F1 ECU, clutch at 80+ % remaining, Scuderia audio full stereo system featuring FOCAL speakers.

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