Ferrari F430/360 Manual Conversion


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We are proud to offer Manual Conversions on Ferrari F430s and 360s.  We want to provide a better, quicker, and more trustworthy option for conversions using only the best parts, and with the work performed by us.  We will document your car’s conversion and publish it on our YouTube channel, Normal Guy Supercar.  There you will be able to see the work performed on your car.  We will also provide you with updates daily through pictures and emails.

We do not take deposits, however if you want to get in line, just submit your information to us and we will schedule you.  Once it’s your turn, we will require full payment up front by a wire transfer only. After we have received payment, you can ship your car to our shop in Liberty Hill, TX.  We need 2 weeks for the conversion process, 3 weeks if we are doing a clutch replacement.  You are responsible for any additional costs that may occur due to parts breaking or any unforeseen complications with your conversion.  We will not accept vehicles that do not run and drive or have any check engine lights or other error conditions.  Model year 2008 and 2009 cars may require additional expenses or may not be able to be converted.

With our conversions, you can choose to have the E-Diff deleted or leave it (if you have a F430).  This means your differential will still work as a normal limited slip differential, it just will no longer have any computer controlling it.  It also means you have far greater reliability and no longer have any F1 pumps to fail, hydraulic leaks, blown accumulators, etc…  If you have a 360, the F1 system will be removed entirely no matter what as there is no E-Diff.

Note that you are responsible for shipping both ways.  We can work with you to help arrange this.

We offer 2 types of conversions:

Option 1 – No transmission removal conversion

Your car has a reasonably good clutch (we recommend 50%), it does not have issues with any of the bearings, so there’s no reason to replace them yet. This conversion is much faster and much cheaper.

Ferrari 360 – $19,500

Ferrari F430 – $20,000

Option 2 – Clutch replacement and trans removal conversion

Your car needs a new clutch or throw-out bearing, we will replace the clutch, throw out bearing, and pilot bearing, while performing the conversion.

Ferrari 360 – $26,500

Ferrari F430 – $27,000

If you have more questions or would like to know the current wait times, please email us to set up a time to discuss.



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