Making MY FERRARI 458 SCREAM like an F1 CAR!! //S-Line Exhaust System Install

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It’s finally here! Phase 1 of making my Ferrari 458 Italia LOUDER! I reached out to S-Line Exhausts and got them to send me their Ferrari 458 X-Pipe exhaust which is HAND MADE in the USA! It’s an incredible piece of stainless steel art that not only looks incredible, but makes the 458 finally sound like a proper Ferrari – like an F1 car!

The installation is not terribly difficult but expect to spend a day. The hardest part was removing the factory exhaust. Access is somewhat limited so you have to be patient. After trying for many hours to get mine out, I finally gave in and cut it out using a sawzall.

After installing the new exhaust, I take the Ferrari 458 out for a spin so you can hear the amazing sound of the new S-Line exhaust!