MadMax in California


 Dan this is Max Alvarado, MadMax from California, I too as a youngster had dreams and aspirations to own a Ferrari but my interest first came about back in 1957 when I read a article in my high school newspaper about Mr. Enzo Ferrari who was born in 1898 which was the same year my father was born so that sparked my interest. A few years later I built my first Ferrari model it was a 1962 250 GTO so that’s what started my interest in Ferrari sorry 

 it was not your videos but your videos have inspired me to do a break job on my 06 430 Spider and I did buy my pads from Ricambi America. I shall continue to watch your videos so keep up the good work! By the way your wife Megan was right with her opinion on the fanatics 

 Thank you so much your fans Max and Helen Alvarado