I’m not an avid reader, but I try to read my kindle while working out in the morning. I found that I enjoy reading more than trying to watch some vapid TV show during my workouts. I’ve had to make the font pretty large since I’m moving around on the elliptical or treadmill, which does make it a little harder to read, but not impossible.

I only read non-fiction. I have no interest in fiction books, if I want to have a story told, I prefer it in movie form. I love reading about how to improve yourself, autobiographies of interesting people, historical books, business, startups, and lots of books about World War II and the military.

I’m going to try and keep this list up to date as I finish books, then give brief opinions on it moving forward.

Currently reading…

Self Improvement or Interesting

EXCELLENT book! I really enjoyed how it forced me to consider my perspective on the truth with respect to others. It also shows how just because you saw something happen on the news, doesn’t mean that you really understand the facts. There’s always more to a story and this helps explain why.

Very fascinating book on why modern man behaves as we do. I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to all dudes.

Some scary insights into human behavior.

A must read for everyone.

Nate Silver is the guy that had predicted accurately the past elections… Until 2016…

Business / Start Ups

I really learned a lot about how to get better results with negotiations.

A really helpful and interesting way to look at negotiations.

Great insights into how the modern startup world behaves, and how stupid it is frankly. The author is a bit too cynical sometimes, but the book is a hilarious if not somewhat depressing look into how things have gone too far. As a startup veteran, this was very relevant to my career.

Great book on how much greed and money there is in the startup world.

This is a MUST read for all people who want to run companies or just be successful working with others.

Great lessons here for us older salty professionals.

If you want to understand what happened in 2008, read this. VERY good book. Michael Lewis is an excellent author and so far all of his books are good reads.

If you’re just starting off investing, then this is a MUST READ! This should be the basis for most investors.

Another excellent book about ultra high speed trading. This will make you want to puke.

A must read for all business savvy people.

I’ll admit, it’s a good read and as a man, it does give me some insights to what it’s like to be a women in today’s business place.

And a response to Lean In.

Military History

Really fascinating perspective from a humanist and Navy Seal. A very introspective autobiography.

A bit difficult to follow, but many books on specific battles are due to the nature of warfare. Very good book and I had no idea such an intense battle occurred this late in WWII.

This was the book the movie is based on.

Another one the movie is based on. Intense read.

And yes, another the movie is based on. Really good read.

If you haven’t seen the 10 part mini-series, you MUST go watch it. Perhaps one of the best at accurately showing WWII in Europe as it was. The book is even more detailed and intense. I HIGHLY recommend it.

And if you like Band of Brothers, you will love With the old Breed. This is the book used as a basis for the War in the Pacific mini series. Amazing book, amazing series. This is NOT for those of you that are squeamish. This is a HIGHLY detailed book of what it was really like being in battle in the pacific. It’s horrifying, gory, and intense.

Historical / Events

By far the longest book I’ve ever read but SUPER interesting history of the entire history of the United States of America from a well researched and apolitical perspective.

You may remember hearing about the Panama Papers? This is all about how messed up that whole thing really is and how much the ultra rich are screwing the world.

REALLY long read but I enjoyed it. The mafia is so insane that Hollywood hasn’t even done justice showing just how bad they are and how much they have affected America in terrible ways.

Really interesting and crazy story about underground gambling with the ultra wealthy. The Movie made based on this book is also really good.

The movie based on the book is excellent, but the book is SO much better! Hilarious and just insane!

You want the REAL Ford vs Ferrari story? Here it is.

Ed Bollian’s book about his Cannonball Run. Pretty solid read.

Alexander Roy’s book about HIS Cannonball.