Your content reminds me why I hate working on cars I love.


I’ve been a regular viewer of your content for about two and a half years now. I don’t have any supercar purchase or DIY story, but your videos make me glad I lease a sensible hatchback instead of a performance-oriented car.

My first fun-adult car was an E46 BMW and it remains my favorite car. The frustrating DIY maintenance I did during my three years of ownership was made up for it because of the driving dynamics. I also had other German vehicles (e.g., 3 Series, BMW X5, MB E-Class). Nearly all maintenance and repairs was done at home in my garage.

Watching your content makes me realize how much time and frustration accumulates with even routine repairs. I know you’re very meticulous with your repairs, and so was I. But after getting married and having a kid, I’d rather keep the skin on my knuckles and the time spent with family (and YouTube). I hope this doesn’t sound like a backhanded compliment; I really appreciate the effort you put in your videos, especially those that involve repairs. I just remember having to replace a sensor, a clutch, a wire, or some other thing that German cars always needed…and then frantically ordering a special tool or socket and hoping it would ship the next day so I could finish the repair. Anyway, I’m glad I’m done with all that. You inspire me to plan on getting a new performance car with covered maintenance and a warranty. Keep it up!