Ferrari F430 VS 458

Before my F430 sells, I wanted to take the opportunity to drive the F430 and immediately drive the 458 to see just how much different and the same they are.

While the F430 is a remarkable and very capable car, it does have some older technology such as the F1 transmission that can make it a bit lurchy at slow speeds, and the shifting is very violent. But it’s performance it outstanding and it is one hell of a car. You can find them currently below $100K easily making it perhaps the best deal on the used supercar market.

The 458 Italia is just in an entirely new class. It’s performance is simply outstanding, the shifting is lightning fast and it does not disappoint in any way. The big question is, is the 458 worth the 50% more in cost over the F430? I answer that question along with some others in this video.