My first Ferrari

My Dream was always to own a Ferrari.

And after watching NGS Videos i realized: you dont have to be rich ore famous, its also possible if you a hard working carlover.

Cuz of the DIY Vids i also realized, there is a lot of things we can do by are selfs if we just have a bit self-confidence.

So finally i bought my  F 430 and i‘m so happy!

Yes there is a few probs with this Car, but most of them can be fixed easy with the help of NGS DIY Vids. (exept  F1 Hydraulic System Probs)

So thnx for that!

IMG_6184-3.jpg Bildschirmfoto-2019-06-04-um-20.01.22-0.jpg IMG_5769-1.jpg IMG_6059-2.jpg