VIN: ZFFSG17A2H0074039

Once we finished the Engine Out Major on Tim’s Ferrari 348, we decided to try something a little bigger… Like 12 cylinders big. After searching all over the country, we found the perfect car – a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa that needed an engine out major and some other minor issues to be fixed.

I found the car on an Ebay auction and it was located in Orlando, Florida. Once we made a deal, Todd and I drove to Orlando to pick it up, and trailer it home!

After picking up the car, we stopped by Craig’s place – creator of the No Spots Pro. And then we made a stop at Tavarish’s garage and got to see his crazy projects.

I plan to document the Engine Out Major and other services we perform on the Testarossa. Expect to see lots of videos and pictures along the way. Hopefully you will find this entertaining and possibly even useful!

Items we know need to be fixed/replaced/repaired

  • Timing Belts
  • Tail light bulb holders
  • Rear bumper bracket
  • Passenger window switch
  • Drivers window regulator
  • AC not cold
  • Alternator condition unknown
  • Repaint valve covers
  • Repaint intake manifold
  • Oil change
  • Coolant change
  • trans fluid
  • check clutch life
  • check brakes