Is it possible to DIY a Ferrari?

I am a lifelong car degenerate who always had an interest in owning a Ferrari and doing my own work.  I began watching your channel in order to see how feasible it would be for someone to service a 430 in their own garage given normal tools and skills.  Typical dealer pricing is generally beyond outrageous and insulting to the point where I consider it a barrier to entry.  Im still on the fence about ownership, but I know if Dan can do it, hell who can’t?

Ill include a few pictures of some of the hoard excluding the Jaguar since those are now banned, and my Range Rover in its natural stae for those curious about mid-2000s Rover ownership.


Thanks for the channel Dan.



IMG_0486-4.JPG IMG_05581-3.JPG IMG_08761-2.JPG IMG_1324-1.JPG IMG_1325-0.JPG