Ferrari 458 with S-Line X-Pipe Exhaust *RAW SOUND!*

S-Line Exhaust:
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One of the hardest parts of trying to buy an exhaust for your car is hearing what it actually will sound like. Most YouTube videos use terrible microphones, or even just cell phone video which does not give you an accurate representation of what the exhaust sound like. I’m trying my best to show you what you can expect with the S-Line X-Pipe Exhaust on the Ferrari 458 Italia.

I am using very good microphones, inside and outside of the car, to let you experience what it will sound like as best as I possibly can. To really hear this properly, I recommend using a pair of high quality headphones and really turn the volume up! Please note that the deeper sounds produced by the 458 do not translate into the recordings very well. The lower RPM’s (under 3,000) are very deep and can actually be felt while in the car. The burbles when decelerating can also actually be felt inside the car. It’s pretty intense.

My Ferrari 458 has the factory headers, factory cats, S-Line exhaust, and factory tune. The 2010 and 2011 458 has a different tune from the factory than the 2012’s and later. The later tune has substantially less burble.

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