Meg drives the McLaren 600LT and SCARES THE S**T OUT OF HERSELF!!!

Meg provides another Apathetic Car Review on the McLaren 600LT. She loves the billionaire doors, color and styling… But best of all she scares the crap out of herself when she finally hits full boost.

Meg Test Drives & Reviews the Ferrari California 30 and thinks…

Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews – In this episode, Meg reviews a 2013 Ferrari California 30 and discusses why it’s really not the “girly” Ferrari in any way. The performance and driving characteristics suggest that in no way this should be given any less respect than other Ferraris. Meg also talks about why convertibles aren’t exactly something women prefer either.

My wife likes the LAMBORGHINI HURACAN more than my FERRARI 458?!?!

Meg give another apathetic review – this time of a Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4. She makes more jokes at the expensive of all supercar owners, but particularly the Ferrari owners and certain aspects of that culture. After dispensing her opinion of the Lambo she concludes that she likes it. Possibly more than the Ferrari?

Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews – The FERRARI 458

Welcome to the first of a new series on the Normal Guy Supercar channel, or perhaps Normal Gal Supercar channel… Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews.

Meg knows almost nothing about cars and prefers it that way. They are of little interest to her and she wants to spend absolutely no time researching the various features and quirks of ownership and driving experience. Even though she has no interest in learning about cars or reviewing them, YOU have asked for her opinions about cars and so here you go.

In this first episode Meg reviews the Ferrari 458 – specifically our 2010 Ferrari 458. As you’ll see, she really isn’t very impressed, BUT she concludes that “Shiny Red Car, Goes Fast.”