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APEX’S #1 Best Seller Spray And Seal – Watermelon

Rev up your vehicle’s exterior with APEX’s best-selling Spray And Seal – Watermelon! Infused with polymers and silica, this spray-on and wipe-off sealant technology provides hydrophobic properties, slickness, and shine that lasts up to 3 months!

This is the ultimate in easy to use layers of protection that shields your ride from harmful UV rays, oxidation, surface contaminants, and more! Perfect for all surfaces, including glass! Effortlessly achieve stand-alone protection without the need for traditional cream or paste-based coatings.

You can even boost the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coating with this easy-to-use formula. Simply spray on and buff off with a microfiber towel, then watch the water bead off treated surfaces. This is great for windshields on a rainy day!

Enjoy the aroma of juicy watermelon as the product revitalizes your vehicle’s exterior. Made in America and Detailer Approved, APEX’s Spray And Seal – Watermelon is your ultimate guarantee of quality. Try it today, risk-free!

Please note: use only on clean or lightly dusty vehicles. Not intended as a waterless wash or quick detailing wipe-down. Suitable for use on paint, plastic, rubber trim, and glass.


Available in 16oz spray bottle or 1 gallon jug

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16oz, 1 Gallon


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