I’ve become a huge advocate for installing a dash cam in all of your cars to protect yourself. Unfortunately we live in a society where people don’t want to be responsible for their actions. When your vehicle is damaged, there’s a high probability that the offender might not admit fault, or perhaps they even leave the scene of an accident. Incidents of vandalism can be caught on camera and people can be held responsible. Finally, you may just catch something cool that you want to see again. All of these reasons are just a fraction of why I think every car should have a dash cam.

I’ve tried many different brands, but after much testing I’ve come to prefer BlackVUE as the best I tried. I’m particularly fond of their 900s-2CH camera which has higher resolution (4k rather than 1080p) and a high frame rate. You need to have clear resolution to identify people or license plates. Also, I recommend setting the camera up with a battery system to ensure that it records while the car is off.

You can pick up a BlackVUE camera here: http://bit.ly/blackvueNGS
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