These are some of the car care products I’ve used over the years.

Full disclosure – if you use the links below, I may get a referral so I do appreciate it when you do this. It should come at no additional cost to you!

Pressure Washer & Foam Cannon

I prefer to use a pressure washer with foam cannon when washing my car. There’s a ton of car soaps to choose from, lots of different brands of pressure sprayers, and so on. The products below are the ones I’ve had good success with.

Wash Mitt and Towels and Blow Dryer

The waffle weave towels are perfect for drying your car. I’m a big fan of the microfiber towels for other uses like detailer spray, leather care, etc… And once you get one of these blowers it will change your life.

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Wheel Care