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Are you involved with the current situation at CNC Motors? Please provide as much information as you can so I can help gather data about this situation. As of 4/5/2021 at 8:00PM CDT there are 24 individuals that have completed the form on this page. All of the submissions describe similar stories with allegations of missing vehicles, missing titles, or money owed. Stories also make allegations of numerous cases of promised payments that either never happened, or were retracted such as stop-payments on checks. Some people are making allegations of no repayment for transactions that occurred over 6 months ago. I have some example stories below which have been scrubbed of any identifiable information. Those stories are not mine and I cannot prove their accuracy.

Took my vehicle on consignment, checked on it a couple of times, in December went to CNC to get an up date, and the vehicle was gone, asked where is my vehicle, it was sold and come back next week for the money and sign paperwork, after not getting and money I called DMV and found out the vehicle was sold back in October, it the same story you have heard, I will pay you next week, seven months later, still no money.

They sold my vehicle and luckily paid off the lender but never paid me the money I am owed. As of today still no funds and getting the run around with no resolution in sight. Sent me an empty Fedex envelope, 2 fake wire transfers, and now a declined credit card. The lies keep on going. Hired an attorney so we will see what happens.

I was paid after 4 months at one point clay pulled a gun out in front of the notary when we were signing our settlement agreement. All can be verified thru Yasmin Sanjak. Was an absolutely horrible experience. Clay also did have an extensive Rolex collection but he traded that to his lawyer because he didn’t have money to pay him. If you want to verify I have 100’s of text messages between me and clay.

Purchased the vehicle from cnc on 9/2020, large deposit paid by credit card, and Loan retained through XXX, insurance secured. Temporary registration expired in December. I reached out to Clay since February on a first weekly basis, and then through March nearly daily basis. Title, registration, paperwork has not been completed by cnc. Other party, (“previous”) owner reached out to me and indicated they have not been paid by cnc yet and also have a Lien they are paying for the same vehicle. I have filed a dmv investigation form, and still waiting for my paperwork.

I bought a vehicle in June of last year. In Dec I received a form from the DMV stating they were missing information to register the vehicle. Long story short, I got the run around for months from CNC and I finally contact XXX to find out that CNC never paid them for the vehicle. As of now, I still do not have plates. I did however get a temporary registration until the DMV finalizes their investigations.

I purchased a vehicle about 4 years ago from CNC and everything went great. So I just sent my vehicle to them to sell for me about a month ago. It just got listed on their site last week. I had no clue what was going on scam wise with them and now I am freaking out as to what to do. I live in XXX. It’s hard to get them to answer phone and I pray my vehicle is safe there. Should I pull my vehicle immediately? Do you know if they are even still in business? I am worried what they will say if it try and pull the vehicle out fast.

On 3/21 Called CNC to pick up our vehicle (the contract had already expired) and Clayton said it just sold 12 hours prior. It has been 21 days and we are getting the run-around from Clayton. We have not signed over the vehicle and they are in possession of the Pink slip. Clayton has been very short and rude and even hung up on me. So we started questioning the business, went on line and to our devastation, found out what was really going on there. We are retired and that money was going to help our sick granddaughter. I am a former XXX and former XXX from the City of XXX.

I bought the vehicle from Clay in 2019 he never put it in my name and never sent the pink to the finance company, After me nagging him to give me the title and registration and Plates ( I was still on paper plates for a year) he said he would buy it back. I went in and traded the vehicle in for a XXX. He never paid off the loan of the vehicle… He bounced a check to the bank and dozens of promises to me to get it taken care of. DMV is now involved and I am still trying to get the vehicle paid off. Yasmine informs me the XXX is all ok. What a pain in the rear this has been…. Not to mention other problems I had with him on getting paid from him selling my 2 (other vehicles) and other vehicles….

Consigned a vehicle back in oct 2020. The company never called that the vehicle was sold. I have no idea to who or when.

The vehicle is still showing on their website

The time on the contract had ended and I decided to arrange to pick up the vehicle. Last month when called to set that up I was told the vehicle was sold and I would have my money next week. That day came and went and I stopped by to pick up the check when they told me last week. No check available. They said it would be another week and the check was still not ready.

I have a long story to tell about what Clay has done to me. He has lied to me over 75 times verbally in text messages and in e-mails. I trusted Clay with $$$,$$$ worth of vehicles on consignment and I did get paid for 2 vehicles. He has paid the bank for my XXX but he still owes me my consignment money. He sold my YYY but he has not paid the remaining loan balance and I have not been paid for the equity or consignment portion of that transaction. These transactions happened back in December 2020. I do have a lawyer involved in this case.

On January 13, 2021 I bought a XXX from CNC Motors (Lotus of Upland LLC). It was going into neutral randomly and I took it to my local XXX mechanic as I live about YYYY miles from CNC. CNC offered to pay for the repairs, but then changed their mind 2 months in. They paid to have a truck ship the vehicle back to Upland, CA to fix it. Meanwhile it’s been almost 4 months and I still haven’t received my DMV registration and my credit union has not received the title. They are not returning my calls or emails and I want my vehicle back.

During investigations, we found clay sold the XXX without the title ( title in my hand now). Vehicle is gone. (Omitted) was used on his dealership credit line and he didn’t pay it back. The bank repo the vehicle. Never got the vehicle back either. Third vehicle is YYY. Vehicle sold without any permission. Fourth vehicle is ZZZ, he tried to put that vehicle on his credit line to get the funds but luckily we found out before he tried to do it. Now he owed us $$$K. Let me know if you wanna know more details. I can share more to warn people to stay away from them! Clay definitely hide his money somewhere else he is a liar

Hello Dan,

Hope this finds you well. Here are some details. I agreed to cosign the vehicle on October (2020). Vehicle was dropped off at CNC with signed papers on October (2020). After drop off, received zero updates except from transport company. I felt it was in good hands. I saw the vehicle listed on a few sites but they told me that the vehicle would be featured everywhere. When they still sent the email newsletters about their new inventory, my vehicle was never listed. I made a mental note to reach out and ask what was going on in December but (personal story)

I initiated contact on January X of this year. Was told I would be provided an update next day by Clayton. Waited a week later with no response and reached out again. Tried to call and no response to calls or text.

Then on February X, got an email asking for my address and wire instructions. Was told the vehicle was sold. Asked for more details and updates at this point.

Purchase order was emailed to me to sign on February X. Was emailing, texting, and calling almost daily at this point. Received an image of a tracking label for my equity check on March X. Nothing was sent to the bank where the vehicle is financed at. I was promised over phone, text that it would be dropped off to FedEx same day, then next day, then next Friday. Label still has zero updates and was never handed over to FedEx

(LINK to FEDEX removed)

At this point Clayton loops in Debbie at CNC to help assist him. She’s equally unresponsive. Every time you call, they ignore the call and say they’re on a call and promise they will call back later but that promise never happens.

On March X, Debbie gives me two more additional FedEx tracking numbers that again go no where.

(LINKS to FEDEX removed)

More and more reasons why they can’t get back to me. I’ve been promised payoff to be sent and equity back to me every Friday and nothing happens. Over the weekend, no updates. Promised a call back on Monday with updates and they never follow through. Every time I get on the phone with Clayton, it’s only for less than 30 seconds before he hangs up.

Yesterday, I start to look online and noticed all the news about CNC, your YouTube video popups up in a Facebook group I follow, then reddit, and everywhere. I’m genuinely anxious now. I’m used to things taking a while but not with this level of miscommunication, missed deadlines, or lack of explanation and apologies.

My last bit of communication with Clayton is ‘Got it handled’ via email yesterday morning. He hasn’t answered my calls or texts since. I have no idea where the vehicle is now. I do remember signing a release of liability form for the DMV. Since it was my first time doing consignment like this remotely, I felt it was okay with the reputation of the dealer. I’ve been making payments on the vehicle since and been a few days late since every time I asked if the transaction would happen, they never did. I feel I’ve been more than accommodating with timing and being understanding. Now it feels like my vehicle is being held hostage with no updates.

I gave my vehicle to CNC in late July 2020, a couple days later they presented me an offer for $$$ and I said no. Then radio silence, every time I called and asked they said they were still looking for a buyer. Fast forward to December and it shows the vehicle is sold on their website. I ask what’s going on and they told me it was recently sold for the full $$$ and I could pickup the check December X, 2020. That became the first week of January, then the last week, then came “tomorrow” “next Monday” continuously until now. The most recent thing he said was he’d get me paid tomorrow, but I truly don’t believe it.
I had a buddy of mine run the plates and the vehicle was registered to a new owner august X, 2020 to someone in XXX.. My best guess is, even tho I refused the lowball offer, he gave it to them. I never signed over my pink slip or the dealership POA forms, so he more than likely forged my signature to get the vehicle registered.

My vehicle was consigned in July 2020 and, according the the DMV, sold in September of 2020. CNC told me, however, that it was sold on January X, 2021. The vehicle was titled by the new owner on January X, 2021. When I asked Clay how that was possible without me signing the title, he said that I must have signed something giving them power of attorney. I assured him I did not. I have now received form 262 from the DMV in which CNC forged my name in two separate sections. I am pushing the DA to file criminal charges of forgery.
After receiving bad checks and more promises of payment that I can count, I have only received $$$$. I am owed a balance of $$$$.