DIY Installing Novitec Exhaust on a Ferrari 488 ALMOST ENDS IN DISASTER!

David just purchased a 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB for his wife, and wanted to have it sound better before she got to see it. He bought a Novitec X-Pipe for the Ferrari 488 and so I told him we can install it no problem. So he brought it over to the Normal Guy Garage and we got to wrenching.

The installation for the exhaust isn’t too bad, but removing the factory exhaust is somewhat a pain in the butt. You have to remove a lot of parts just to gain access. But the worst part is just getting the Cats to separate from the rest of the exhaust. Once you have that done, it’s not a terribly bad job. Plan on spending the better part of a day, and plan to be sore the next day.

Unfortunately we almost had a complete disaster when I accidentally lowered my quick jack too low, and the Ferrari 488 dropped to the floor and landed on it’s carbon ceramic rotors!!! Thankfully my plastic tile floor took the fall and the rotors were undamaged. That could have been a $10,000 mistake!