I test drove the McLaren 720s, and I didn’t like it

This is the 3rd McLaren I’ve driven, and I really want to like it. In many ways I do, it’s everything you’d expect from a modern supercar. Fast as hell. Precise handling. Amazing braking ability, shifts are lightning fast. But it just has no soul!

The turbo’s mute the engine’s sound dramatically and although you can hear the turbos whistle, the engine’s sound is kind of odd. No matter how hard manufacturers try, there is still some turbo lag, and it causes the low end torque to be very disappointing. However the upper end pulls like crazy.

I know people are going to hate on me for saying this, but I just don’t like the McLarens. I wish they had a non-turbo car that was available, EVEN if it was slower and had far less horsepower.

But, that being said, it really is still an amazing car in just about every way. But I’m not sure I’d be willing to spend $350k on it.