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Shell V-Power NiTRO+

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the addresses for the Shell Gas Stops have changed. If you plan to come out and meet me, make sure to check this site and check on my most recent YouTube live updates to make sure you’re going to the correct address.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve partnered up with Shell Oil for an epic 3,000 mile road trip in the Ferrari 458! Shell reached out to me a while back and we started trying to come up with ideas to do something cool to promote their new Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ premium gasoline. I figured, there’s nothing better and more American than a summer road trip burning 200 gallons of Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ in a Ferrari driving half way across the country!

But here’s where it really gets awesome… I want to meet you along the way! I’m publishing the route, including all the fuel stops at Shell Stations along the way. I’m planning time to hang out at the Shell Stations to chat and meet you. If you’re in the area at one of the stops, swing on by! Maybe I’ll even put you in one of my videos! I’m going to try to live stream at some of the stops if the internet connection cooperates.

Meet me, take some pictures/videos, tag @normalguysupercar and @Shell_OnTheRoad, use hashtags #ShellVPower and #NormalGuySuperRoadTrip.
OH, and I might just have something for ya. 🙂

Please note that all times and destinations are subject to change. I will do my best to update you on YouTube of my progress but unfortunately sometimes reality doesn’t cooperate to the best of plans.

Day 1, May 27 – Austin to Little Rock

Edited Videos of Day 1

Live videos from Day 1

DAY 2, May 28 – Little Rock to Nashville

Day 2, Leg 1 – Little Rock to Memphis

Day 2, Leg 2 – Memphis to Nashville

Day 3, May 29 – Visiting Nashville

Day 4, May 30 – Nashville to Asheville

Day 4, Leg 1 – Nashville to Knoxville

Day 4, Leg 2 – Knoxville to Asheville

Day 5 – 6, May 31 – June 1 – Ferrari Club of America Rally at the Biltmore

I will be participating in the FCA’s Rally and surrounding events. Certainly those of you participating should say hi! I’d love to see your Ferraris and put them in the video!

Day 7, June 2 – Asheville to Birmingham

Day 7, Leg 1 – Asheville to Atlanta

Day 7, Leg 2 – Atlanta to Birmingham

Day 8, June 3 – Birmingham to New Orleans

Day 8, Leg 1 – Birmingham to Mobile

Day 8, Leg 2 – Mobile to New Orleans

Day 9, June 4 – New Orleans to Austin

Day 9, Leg 1 – Baton Rouge to Beaumont

Day 9, Leg 2 – Beaumont to Cypress

Day 9, Leg 3 – Cypress to HOME!