Glidecoat Auto Shine & Shield


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Want to have your automobile looking better than factory new?
Glidecoat Auto Shine & Shield is the ultimate wax replacement and makes maintenance a breeze. Create a gloss and shine that will make everyone jealous while providing a high level of protection from sun damage, salt, bird droppings, leaf stains, bugs, mud and more. Simply spray on and lightly buff with a micro-fiber cloth. Simply rinse your vehicle with water when you return from your day on the road to wash away contaminants with ease.

It will work on any surface on your vehicle from exterior paint, vinyl, chrome, rubber, and glass.

  • Make Your Automobile Shine
    Our spray-on Auto Shine & Shield product is the best choice to protect your car, truck, motorcycle, etc! Simply spray on and wipe with a clean microfiber towel to protect your vehicle for up to 8 months!
  • Protect Your Vehicles Paint
    Have you ever had issues with stains on your vehicle’s paint from bird droppings, insects, dirt, mud, or other contaminants? After applying our product, your vehicle will be protected and these contaminants will simply wipe off!
  • Longevity
    Do you get frustrated when you take the time to wash and wax your car and within a short period of time, the shine and luster are gone? We agree. It is frustrating! This is why we designed our product to bond directly to the surface compared to traditional wax that simply sits on top of the surface. This allows our coating to outlast wax and provide up to 8 months of protection. In addition, Auto Shine & Shield has a simple spray-on application making it quick and easy to re-apply!
  • Prevent Sun Damage
    Have you ever noticed older vehicles with fading paint and sun damage? We bet you have! This is one of the major advantages of using Auto Shine & Shield. This spray includes UV inhibitors to eliminate UV Damage!
  • Easy Application
    Your time is important and reducing the amount you have to spend detailing your vehicle may be at the top of your list. With our product, you can simply spray and wipe off with a microfiber towel. Easy!


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