Capristo Ferrari 488GTS/Pista – Carbon and Glass Bonnet (Design S)


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Fits the 488 GTS + 488 Pista Spider

This brand new Version 2 Engine bonnet is a BRAND NEW design for 2019 and is made from our new Forge Pressed carbon fiber.  Bonnet is shipped in raw carbon fiber ready for priming/paint matching on the top.  The bonnet includes ventilation ports with safety screen, a large glass panel for engine display (including a hole for reuse of your OEM GPS module).  This product gives the 488 the same exposed view of the engine as our original bonnet design with a new clean slate look to blend in to the design with the paint matching.

*All North American Specification 488s are equipped with GPS and Capristo includes a GPS Module mount for the interior, you will reuse your actual model (as shown below). If your car does NOT have GPS, please inform us at the time of order and a Non-GPS Glass Panel will be included*

This new Capristo Carbon Fiber Bonnet is exclusively manufactured in our new forged carbon press with billet steel molds to ensure maximum strength. Capristo uses Type L weave pattern for all Ferrari Carbon Fiber components (same as Ferrari OEM Carbon) to ensure a perfect match with any OEM Carbon parts optioned on the vehicle.

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Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 34 × 9 in


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