Capristo Ferrari F430 Cat Delete Pipes


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***The factory F430 Exhaust Mounting Bracket has a critical design flaw.  The solid mounting to the vehicle’s chassis does not allow for any heat expansion.  The lack of expansion causes stress to be pushed back towards the engine and results in cracked headers or catalytic converters.  Capristo offers an upgraded mounting bracket that is crucial preventive maintenance item .  The Capristo Design utilizes four spring mounted hanging points to allow for this heat expansion (up to 1.5inches).  If your exhaust components have already failed DO NOT replace them without also replacing the mounting bracket with the Capristo Design as the will fail again. Both Capristo F430 Exhaust Systems (Valved and Freeflow) Include this mounting bracket.***

These lightweight test pipes fit in place of the heavy OEM catalytic converters. Using a test pipes removes the flow restriction a catalytic converter places on an exhaust system, while increasing the horsepower.

The silencing effect of the converters are also removed, enhancing the aggressive engine sound. Test pipes are ideal for track days and race application.

On applicable models, the center section is made flexible as an added protection feature against vibration damage to the header pipes and the Lambda or Oxygen Sensor Bungs are pre-installed and threaded.

Made from T309 (1.4828) stainless steel.


Test pipes may trigger a CEL (Check Engine Light).

To disable a recurring CEL you will need to tune the ECU or use 02 Sensor Extensions..

*Recommended For Off-Road and Track Use Only*

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 6 in


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