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The Double-Sided Enzo Style Key for 1989 -2005  Ferrari’s

The Enzo style Ferrari key for an older Ferrari.  Unsurpassed quality and instantly recognizable as the key for your Ferrari motor car.

Ferrari is registered trademark of Ferrari N.V.  The use of the name does not imply any affiliation or association with or an endorsement by Ferrari, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

Enzo-Style Keys for Ferrari’s in Model Years 1989 to 2005
Enzo style keys available in three colors

Made in the USA

The Ferrari Keys are made entirely in the USA.  This key is compatible with several Ferrari motorcars (see below) made from the late 1980s to 2005.  The head of key is molded using acrylic resin thermoplastic resulting in a solid head that will not chip or wear away.  Ferrari Keys by Klassik Car Keys are made without electronics – they are not designed for cars that incorporate electronic security features in the key head.

The Klassik Ferrari® KeyFerrari key in Ferrari 360

The Ferrari Enzo Style Key is not simply a cheaply made reproduction.  It is made entirely in the USA using high quality materials and manufacturing methods.  The key blank itself is nickel-plated brass.  Nickel-plated brass extends the key life and helps maintain a “like new” look for a longer period of time.  The bow of the key is encapsulated in high strength black polycarbonate.  Once encapsulated, the key is then placed into a double-cavity plastic injection mold and the outer shells are over-molded using colorized acrylic thermoplastic – the same material is often used for motorcycle and race car windshields as well as aircraft windows and canopies.  The encapsulation and over-molding process produces a homogeneous key head that is impact and scratch resistant.  A recess on one of the outer faces allows for the placement of a small metal emblem.  This manufacturing method is costly, but assures that the key head has excellent cosmetics, is completely homogeneous and securely holds the metal key. 

The Klassik Key shown here is of higher quality and will retain its good looks better than the original key of similar design:

  • Solid key head versus a hollow shell
  • No paint or coating to chip or peel
  • Should minor scratches develop, they can be polished out using a polish designed for acrylic plastic

Available in Three Colors

Ferrari Keys are available in three colors:

  • Rosso Corsa – traditional Ferrari red
  • Giallo Modena – modern Ferrari yellow
  • Nero – black

Ferrari replacement keys

The recessed portion on the front surface of the key head is sized to inlay a small metal ornament similar to this.  Cast in zinc alloy and electroplated with bright nickel.  The metal ornament is included with the key and is bonded in place, partially inlaid into the plastic surface.  The top surface of the metal ornament is slightly raised above the surface of the key head providing tactile feedback as you pass your finger over it.

Uncompromising Quality

Enzo style key in Ferrari 360

We did not cut any corners on quality during development and manufacturing.  The Klassik Car Key is solid and beautiful  – made entirely in the USA using the best available materials.  It will be a beautiful compliment to your car.  Your key will be instantly recognized as a “Ferrari key”.  No compromises have been taken in making the Klassik Car Key.  You feel it the moment you pick it up.  The head of the key is solid acrylic resin.  The total weight of the key is 31 grams (1.125 ounces) giving it a feeling of substance and quality.  There is a reassuring solid feel to the key.  The acrylic surface is high gloss.  There is no paint or surface treatment that will chip or peel.  And, should minor scratches occur over time, you can polish it using a plastic polishing compound.  We challenge you to compare the key to any other key for Ferrari – including an original key from the manufacturer.

The black center section solidly encapsulates the key – the key will never get loose.  The over-molding process eliminates any possibility of the key head coming apart.

A characteristic of acrylic resin thermoplastic is that you can polish and buff the surface to a high luster.  Using a soft cloth and a polishing compound designed for plastics, you can remove minor scratches that may occur over time and keep your Klassik Car Key in like new condition.

The Klassik Car Key does not have any built-in electronics.  There are no buttons, no electronics.  If your car has an electronic security fob – you will continue to use that fob as you do now (e.g., Ferrari 360).

Vehicle Compatibility *

* Actual fit should be determined prior to cutting the key.  Go to the FAQ page for more details on compatibility.

Ferrari key in gift boxes

The Ferrari Key by Klassik Car Keys is compatible with the following Ferrari motor cars manufactured from 1989 to 2005:

  • Ferrari 348
  • Ferrari F355
  • Ferrari 360 & Challenge Stradale
  • Ferrari F40
  • Ferrari 456 and 456 M
  • Ferrari F50
  • Ferrari 512TR and F512M
  • Ferrari 550
  • Ferrari 575M
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Ferrari Mondial t
  • Ferrari TR

Original keys for these classic cars frequently sell for more than $600.  An original Enzo Ferrari key can set you back $2500.  The Klassik Car Key is a distinctive and updated design that you will be proud to use and show.  As it has solid key head, there is no paint that will ever chip or wear away.  The key will retain its good appearance for years of use – and minor scratches can easily be removed by polishing the surface of the key head using a suitable plastic polish and polishing cloth.

Easily Fitted to your Car

The Ferrari Key is uncut.  A local lock smith or hardware shop can use your original key to duplicate onto the Ferrari Key using a traditional edge-cut key duplicating machine.

Risk-free Purchase

Your purchase is risk-free.  As long as you have not cut the Klassik Car Key, we will accept returns.

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Rosso Corsa, Giallo Modena, Nero


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