Kline Innovations Ferrari 599 Headers



The Ferrari 599, upon its release became the quintessential grand tourer. With its 6.0L V12 engine, producing 612hp in a naturally aspirated format, the potential for sound is unparalleled!


Our main criteria for the 599, to produce a super light, Inconel 625, valvetronic, full exhaust system, that would be subtle and pleasant at cruising speeds, but open up the sound to full F1 scream on full throttle and valve open.

Replacing the stock catalyst for high flow 100cpsi HJS sports catalysts, we were able to open the sound significantly. The valvetronic rear section allows the car to be near silent on cruising, while unleashing unrestricted Ferrari scream when the valves are open.

Full equal length headers were developed for the 599, removing the catalysts from the headers, improves throttle response, as well as improving the sound significantly. Finished off with Inconel out rolled Tips.

The valves are actuated by the cars OEM vacuum system, and can be controlled by the new Kline INCONEL BUTTON wireless kit


Cross Section

Headers, 41mm primaries, into 57mm secondaries, and 63mm tertiaries.
Catalysts, 70/63mm
Center and rear, 70/63mm.


Standard 304 grade stainless steel.
Inconel 625 formula one grade material


Available with HJS HPDE motorsport catalysts, in either 100 or 200 cell, or with decats for optimum performance and sound.

Additional information

Exhaust Material

Inconel 625, Stainless Steel


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