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The Ferrari F430, with its striking looks, and single plane crank V8, and 8500 rpm redline is a pure drivers machine . Here at Kline we decided to build the ultimate exhaust system for the F430. The criteria? simply to create an exhaust that achieved the best possible performance, sound and weight savings available.


Starting at the drawing board, the first aspect to be upgraded, replacing the stock catalysts for high performance 100cpsi race catalysts, thus reducing the gas drag coefficient, and improving scavenge, and ultimately torque response and peak power figures. Replacing the heavy, cumbersome factory silencer, for our harmonically tuned ultra light weight Inconel 625 silencer, we were able to enrich both bass and treble frequencies, as well as significantly reducing weight. The final, and perhaps one of the most important design features, unique to Kline. Our trademark tight radius laminar flow x pipe. The resulting sound is exceptionally smooth under light driving conditions, and a howling raucous high pitched incendiary vocal when you need it. Under low revs (valve closure) the gases pass through an acoustically tuned silencer, with the cross sections tuned toward reaching optimum gas velocity for achieving maximum torque. under hard load and high revs, the valves open for optimum power, and that unhindered F1 scream. Tips come in either, double skinned miter cut, or F1 grade pre preg carbon fiber.

The valves are actuated by the cars OEM vacuum system, and can be controlled by the new Kline INCONEL BUTTON wireless kit

Cross Section

Catalyst/De-cat section tubing, dual 63.5mm OD, chosen for a balance of torque and peak power. catalysts, available in 100cpsi 124mm billet, HJS race catalysts, or de-cat variation for more aggressive sound, and ultimate performance.

Silencer section tubing, dual 63.5mm on valve open, single 50mm on valve close.

63.5mm 1D CLR laminar flow x pipe.

Primaries 45mm, 63.5mm secondaries, with formula one grade true merge collectors.


Available in full Inconel 625 (formula one grade) material.
Weight valvetronic silencer section 10kg. De-cat pipes 1.2kg each, catalyst pipes 2.2kg each.

Also available in 304 stainless.
Weight valvetronic silencer section 19kg. De-cat pipes 3.0kg, catalyst pipes, 4.5 kg.

Manifolds available in Inconel 625, weight 3.4kg each
Also available in 304 stainless 7kg each.


100 cell HJS cats are used as standard.

Decat pipes are also available for optimum performance, and a more aggressive sound

Additional information

Exhaust Material

Inconel 625, Stainless Steel


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