Vehicle Buying Assistance (PPI)


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One of the more common things we are asked is if we do “PPIs” or Pre-Purchase Inspections.  We offer something we feel is more valuable than a typical PPI.  What we offer is a comprehensive and bespoke buying assistance program customized to your needs from start to finish so you buy the right car at the right price.  Ultimately our goal is to answer the question, would WE buy this car at this price in this condition?  By having us be an unbiased 3rd party, we remove the emotion from the transaction and base our opinion on the facts presented.

How it typically works:

  1. Reach out to us to discuss your needs – preferably before you contact the seller.
  2. We research the vehicle in question, and determine if it’s even worth the time to look at, what should be the target price, and other considerations.
  3. We contact the seller and negotiate on your behalf.  We can leverage our dealership to try and buy wholesale from other dealers.  The price we negotiate is passed along to you, and hopefully we can save you money!
  4. We fly out to inspect the vehicle in person (travel expenses are not included in the initial fees).
  5. You receive a report, along with a follow up discussion about the vehicle, and if it makes sense for the selling price.

Once a deal is struck, we can help arrange transportation and other services to help you out.

We try our best to provide you with a low stress, enjoyable purchasing experience while eliminating a lot of the hassle and worry navigating all the sketchy situations that can arise while purchasing an exotic car.

Feel free to email us to discuss how this service can help you out.


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