Glidecoat Yellow Foam Finishing Pad – 6”


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Glidecoat’s yellow foam polishing pad is a soft foam pad that provides a little cutting action to remove any remaining scratches or swirl marks while providing a showroom shine! The yellow foam polishing pad is designed to be used with Glidecoat’s Nano Polish as a one-step system or the final step in the buffing process.

Glidecoat’s yellow foam polishing pad can also be used with our Nano Compound to provide you with a little more cutting action while still finishing like a polish, giving you that desired shine! The pads can be used with rotary buffers, random orbital buffers, or dual action buffers. For optimal results, we suggest using an orbital or dual action buffer to avoid swirl marks.

The yellow foam polishing pad comes in two different sizes; 5” pad to fit a 5” backing plate and a 6” pad to fit a 6” backing plate.


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