REPLACING Ferrari 360 FUEL PUMPS (Its a Disaster!)

Left Fuel Pump:
Right Fuel Pump:

Please visit and make sure you select the correct fuel pump for your car as they had different versions for the spider/coupe/430/360. Make sure you don’t forget to use NGS10 and get 10% off your order too!!!

The Fuel Pumps in the Ferrari 360 and F430 are notorious for failing. The good news is that they aren’t terribly difficult to replace. The bad news is they are still a pain in the butt to get out of the fuel tanks. In this video we show how to really have bad luck when replacing the the fuel pumps in Josh’s Ferrari 360 coupe.

The stupid ring nut on top of the fuel pump actually cracked when reinstalling it! And to make matters worse, we cannot locate a replacement part!