Thanks for the advice

Wanted to thank you for all the great advice you provide to fellow owners.  The quick jack lift you recommended has been a life safer for me.  Your tips and advice made it possible for me to afford a Ferrari by showing us normal people we can do typical maintenance and save the very challenging jobs to a professional.  I hope too move up one day but for now the 360 is a great introduction.  This social distancing is making time for me to do some work on the car.  Following your advice and installing a BlackVue F/R camera and parking mode battery along with installing the SlipLo scrape guards.  Sure is nice to raise the car up a bit with the quick jack to get to the under tray and bumper easier!
BTW – my wife is now a fan of the channel and has started asking if new videos are out!  We started watching on the big screen!
Stay safe!


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