What’s better than 1 Testarossa Project car? 2 TESTAROSSA PROJECT CARS!!!

After we bought the 1987 Ferrari Testarossa Project car, Richard heard about this and decided he really wanted a Testarossa. So after looking around, he actually found a really good one that ALSO needs an engine out major… So he BOUGHT IT! And yes, we’re going to do 2 ENGINE OUT MAJORS at the same time! Absolutely insane!!!

Also I got to achieve a childhood dream and drive the Testarossa to Cars and Coffee Austin at the Circuit of the Americas. It was an awesome experience getting to see how the car drives and feels, and what the technology was like in 1987. It’s a difficult car to drive as it has no power steering, no power brakes, a heavy clutch, and it’s just old tech. But it’s SO worth it.